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Heinz Roesch talks about CMIA's upcoming Vendor Fair

by Loren Bonner, DOTmed News Online Editor | June 05, 2014
Heinz Roesch
DOTmed users and readers might know Heinz Roesch as CEO of OMED of Nevada, but he's also vice president of the Capitol Region Chapter for the California Medical Instrumentation Association (CMIA). For over 10 years, CMIA has been hosting an annual event. This year's vendor fair will be hosted by CMIA's Bay Area/Northern California chapter and will take place June 20-21 at the Crowne Plaza in Concord, Calif. DOTmed News spoke with Roesch about CMIA and the upcoming event.

DMN: How did you originally get involved with CMIA?
HR: When we bought OMED from David Ogren, we heralded the relationship with CMIA that he had. He was a founding member and president of the association for 2-3 years. Over the years, we found this relationship with CMIA very beneficial for spreading the word about medical instrumentation in general, but also beneficial for our business.

DMN: What are some positive aspects about a state chapter for medical instrumentation?

HR: A state chapter proves on local basis to be good source of exchanging information. Biomed have contacts through the association so they can call someone to get that information or good contacts with the vendors to get the information that might not be explained, for example, in the manuals. It's great for an information exchange. And from a vendor's perspective, it creates a good and beneficial relationship with respect to new equipment that has to be purchased or replaced. It's mutually beneficial for exchanging information and meeting interesting people in your area.

DMN: What can attendees look forward to at the show this year?

HR: As of today, we have 38 vendors exhibiting at the fair so they can see new products and services. I'm excited about Paul Kelley, who is involved at various levels in AAMI, he's going to be our keynote speaker and give his views on health care technology management. Then we have 9 different courses for our educational offering.

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