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Q&A with McKesson's Erkan Akyuz

by Loren Bonner, DOTmed News Online Editor | June 27, 2014
Erkan Akyuz
In May, McKesson Technology Solutions announced that Erkan Akyuz was named the new president of Imaging and Workflow Solutions. DOTmed News caught up with Akyuz to get some insight into his background, an understanding of what he'll bring to the role, his plans for the department and his take on the current health care climate in general.

DMN: How would you describe your new job?
Erkan Akyuz:
This is a strong business unit and strong team and I am proud to be part of an organization that is dynamic and forward-thinking.

Part of my responsibilities will be to reinforce McKesson's already strong commitment to our customers by supporting the day-to-day interactions with our customer. McKesson has a long history with strong customer relationships that goes beyond the product and solutions to the service and support, we must continue to remain committed to them and their success and my role is to continue to support our teams and our customers in their initiatives and reinforce the longstanding customer commitment.

We all know that health care is changing from a volume-based to value-base model and understanding not only what the means to our business and, products, (and most importantly) what that means to our customers is key. I feel that as president, my role is to open doors and provide new opportunities that will help our customers meet their goals and continue to be successful.

DMN: How did you get started in the industry?
When I graduated from university as a software engineer, I was looking for a position in an industry that really was on the leading edge of research and development. Then, as it is now, the most exciting field was health care IT.

I believed that health care IT was an industry that would, not only allow me to be challenged in software development, but would also allow me to contribute to it in a positive way.

DMN: How does your background play a direct role in what you bring to this new position?
I have been in health care IT since 2001. Starting as a developer then moving into the business side. The rounded background provides me with good visibility and understanding of the technical, clinical and business side of the industry.

I remember when simply windowing/leveling and arranging CT images on the monitor was considered "value-add" to the radiologist, or when the physician was happy to have a dictated report one week later and when radiologists had sole purchasing decisions. But that is not our world today. Today, there are more challenges than ever facing our customers and I feel that my time in the industry will help me to guide IWS to continue to develop solutions and services that not only add value to our customers bottom line but help them as they transition to value-added care

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