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Q&A with McKesson's Erkan Akyuz

by Loren Bonner, DOTmed News Online Editor | June 27, 2014

McKesson's history and my background, is for me and I believe for the company and our customers, an exciting combination. My varied experiences and track record will help us to continue to advance our customers' strategic initiatives as we continue to build upon this successful business.

DMN: What are your goals in your new position?
I have always been strong a supporter of standards based open solutions, but historically felt that the adoption of industry standards has been slow and has lagged behind the demands of our customers and health care providers. I feel, as does McKesson IWS, that in today's health care IT environment, we must speed the creation and adoption of emerging, standard-based initiatives that improve interoperability and workflow for the next generation of enterprise medical imaging solutions.

Therefore my goals are aligned with the goals of McKesson. I will work on developing IT and workflow solutions to provide the interoperability and flexibility required to drive down cost and realize the true value of enterprise imaging. I will also be helping to build a profitable partnership with our customers with solutions and services to help them manage change rapidly and effectively and guide them through consolidation. And finally, will take steps to empower the providers with information, analytics and services to help quantify their contribution to value-based care.

DMN: In what ways would you like to see the enterprise medical imaging business at McKesson grow?
We know that health care will continue to evolve and value-based care will presents both challenges and opportunities for our customers. McKesson will continue to deliver flexible, interoperable products and services that meet those needs and work with our customers to deliver better patient care.

And we know that it is no longer enough to deliver siloed radiology or cardiology solutions, we are now set to lead the industry in the paradigm shift towards response to reimbursement pressures with enterprise solutions that help enable interoperability and data consolidation.

DMN: What excites you most about the imaging industry these days?
We know that it is now more important than ever that the radiology community prepares to actively guide the transition from volume to value-based imaging. As a vendor, we must support this transition by providing solutions and services that not only lower the total cost of ownership, but help our customers adapt to the pressures they experience as they continue adopting new technologies, workflows and processes that allow them to add value in new payment models and delivery systems.

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