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Conducting Facility Vulnerability Assessments

by Michael Johns, Project Manager | August 21, 2006

During the Target Analysis & Vulnerability Assessment workshop you will conduct an actual vulnerability assessment at a government or private sector facility with active cooperation from local law enforcement. This workshop, taught by leading counter-terrorism and security experts, provides you with a methodical and practical approach identifying assets most attractive to attack by an adversary based upon the following key factors:

Criticality - Identify critical assets, single points of failure or "choke points"

Accessibility - Determine ease of access to critical assets

Recoverability - Compare time it would take to replace or restore a critical asset against maximum acceptable period of disruption

Vulnerability - Evaluate security system effectiveness against adversary capabilities

Effect - Consider scope and magnitude of adverse consequences that would result from malicious actions and responses to them

Recognizability - Evaluate likelihood that potential adversaries would recognize that an asset was critical

What You Will Learn
How to employ the principles of the CARVER methodology to conduct your own field exercises for your - or your client's - facility or an asset of that facility
How to use the results of the assessment to formulate and prioritize risk reduction recommendations
How to prepare a Vulnerability Assessment report

What Previous Attendees Said About This Workshop:
"This course brings all walks of security together, it provides a wealth of experience to bear on how this methodology can be applied. The field work was eye opening." Robert Hargesheimer, US Navy, Site Installation Manager

"Loved the interaction of students and instructor. Varied attendees gave many points of view and shared experiences." Henry Britt, The Response Group

"Valuable class. Provided a good mix of backgrounds and experience and presented material in a manner that was great for novices and pros alike." J. Phil Harmon, Washington Group International, Manager, Read Team Operations

"Excellent course for developing a fundamental understanding of the Carver Target Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment Process." Kevin Nowak, U.S. Department of Energy, Security Specialist

"Great course! Exceeds expectations and professional requirement. The training will have a positive and dynamic impact on the scope and depth of information processing." Mark. K Gerwig, NSWC Crane, EOD Project Specialist

Who Should Attend
* Federal, state and local security and operations managers