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The "T" behind 1.5T

by Sean Ruck, Contributing Editor | October 01, 2014
From the October 2014 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

This issue's theme is hard to miss. MR is one of the most talked about technologies out there. Announcements about updates and advances as well as new studies exploring expanded uses for MR cross our desks (or desktops) frequently. But at least some of the groundwork for all the high-tech MR applications we're seeing today was laid down about a century ago by this month's cover model, Nikola Tesla. While Tesla didn't invent MR imaging, he did discover the rotating magnetic field, which opened the door for alternating current, an important aspect of MR.

In contemporary times at least, the average person might equate Tesla to the electric car company that has been all over the news of late. And in fact, a Google search will put the site for the company at the top of the page. Yet it was Nikola Tesla - the inventor, the tinkerer, the socialite and as DOTmed writer Gus Iversen pointed out in his article on MR (p. 38), probably one of the closest real-life examples of a mad scientist in modern times - who has contributed the most to society and it's probably a safe bet that will remain the case. Of course, we're not just talking about a long-dead scientist in this month's issue. Our MR coverage also delves into news about new shielding techniques (p. 52), the latest in coils (p. 56), updates in the saga surrounding helium supply (p. 64) as well as some peripheral topics.

Among additional topics we offer a contributed article on choosing MR service contract coverage levels (p. 60) and another on physical MR safety (p. 70).
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There's a lot going on and we have it covered. So consider this your MR news primer for the year. And when you're done catching up on the latest in the MR sector, do yourself a favor and read up a little on Tesla. It's fascinating stuff and without him, there'd be no "T" in 1.5T. Other stories of note in this issue include the Q&A with Janice Nevin (p.29) who will step into the role of CEO for Christiana Care Health System, making her the first female CEO in the organization's nearly 40-year history.

Meanwhile, the American College of Radiology's CIO and executive vice president for technology at the American College of Radiology explains "imaging 3.0" in this month's installment of IT Matters (p. 26).

Finally, our Future of health care for October offers some foreign flavor with European Society of Radiology's president, Lorenzo Bonomo discussing the state of health care on the continent. Circling back for one last note on Tesla, our news wondered what the man would think about MR technology and about what it can accomplish in today's medical arena. Even without a seventy-year gap in keeping abreast of technological updates, MR seems futuristic, so we figure Tesla would be mighty impressed.

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