Q&A with Michael Argir

by Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | December 24, 2014
Michael Argir
Michael Argir became president of the health care asset management company, Medxcel, in August and he brought 25 years of leadership experience in health care organizations along with him. He spent some time speaking with DOTmed News about his new position and the near-term and long-term goal he has for the company.

DOTmed: What made you decide to join Medxcel Facilities Management?

MA: It is really about three things-leadership, culture and opportunity. The Medxcel Leadership team is made up of excellent leaders with vision, who truly embody the culture of a faith-based organization.

The idea of servant leadership is rare in the business world and successfully integrating that culture into a growing organization is even more unique. I have watched the TriMedx journey over the past five years as they were a competitor. Their success within Ascension and in the open health care market really piqued my interest.

A faith-based, family-oriented culture is also very unique. Our values are service of the poor, reverence, integrity, wisdom, creativity and dedication. We do not just talk about our values-we live them every day with the customers we serve, patients, our staff and the communities that surround us.

This is very unique in the business world and our culture will be a strategic differentiator as we continue to grow and become the employer of choice for talented individuals that are looking for a supportive culture to thrive and grow in.

The last really attractive thing that drew me to Medxcel Facilities Management was the pure opportunity of the engagement. At the end of 2016, we will have grown the Medxcel Facilities Management organization into the one of the largest health care facilities management companies in the U.S. with over 120 hospitals customers.

The key difference to our competition is that each of these hospitals will operate as a full service model where all the employees and managers are employed by Medxcel. We are accountable for the full facilities management spectrum of services.

In many instances, our competitors have management fee arrangements. Our goal is to consolidate, standardize and optimize the facilities management operation. Through insourcing, we are able to strengthen the onsite facilities management talent and expertise while balancing the reliance on external vendor services thus reducing our overall expense.

DOTmed: What prepared you for your role as president?

MA: My 25 years of experience in health care allows me to really understand the facilities management operations within a hospital. I have had the privilege of working for both large and small organizations and feel that I understand the customer environment.

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