Q&A with Andrea Falkoff

by Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | January 29, 2015
Andrea Falkoff
Andrea Falkoff of Intrinsic Imaging recently stepped into a new position as vice president of imaging operations and DOTmed News had the opportunity to discuss her goals for the company and projects she's most excited about.

Most recently she was director of project management at Intrinsic, in which capacity she managed complex international clinical trials. Before that she was senior project manager at PAREXEL, which is one of the world's largest public clinical research organizations. She has almost 10 years experience in the biopharmaceutical industry, specifically within medical imaging core labs.

DOTmed News: What made you decide to join the Intrinsic Imaging team?

AF: One of my greatest motivators for joining Intrinsic Imaging was the level of experience of Intrinsic Imaging's full-time medical directors and radiology teams and Intrinsic's access to imaging centers with state-of-the art equipment.

Our team of more than sixty board-certified radiologists review over one million images a year and have sub-specializations in all therapeutic areas, participate in clinical trials as investigators and also interact with patients on a daily basis.

This type of expertise is an invaluable asset to our clients conducting clinical trials since it allows us to improve imaging protocols for trials, ensuring consistency with standard of care to reduce the burden on investigator sites as well as on patients. I really wanted to be a part of this team.

DOTmed News: What skills did you acquire as director of project management at Intrinsic and senior project manager at PAREXEL that prepared you for your new position?

AF: I learned a lot about leadership and managing clinical trials in my prior positions. These are skills that must be learned through experience and I have nearly 10 years of experience working within imaging core labs.

In my prior positions, I really gained an in-depth understanding of the medical imaging needs of the biopharmaceutical industry and I have learned a lot about managing complex international clinical trials and responding to customer's needs.

DOTmed News: When you first stepped into the new position in November, what goals did you have?

AF: Actually, I was promoted to vice president of imaging operation because I had successfully surpassed all of my managerial goals. At Intrinsic, our primary goals are quality, on-time delivery of data and complete customer satisfaction.

We have consistently delivered a high level of quality, never been late on a deliverable and we regularly exceed all of our customers' expectations. I'm very proud of these achievements.

DOTmed News: Do you have any new goals three months later?

AF: Our primary goals of quality, on-time delivery and complete customer satisfaction remain top priorities. However, this year we are also working on increasing our focus on key therapeutic areas, expanding our medical imaging services and investing in new technologies.

DOTmed News: Are there any projects you're currently working on or will be working on in the near future that you're particularly excited about?

AF: I am very excited about our medical imaging technologies. As we research new software that is available on the market, it's amazing to see how far imaging viewers and advanced image processing software has come.

This is an exciting time, because each time we evaluate a viewer or processing software we learn something new. It's exciting to be able to offer cutting-edge analysis software to our customers.

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