Is a ‘rep-les’ OR the key to controlling implant costs?

March 16, 2015
From the March 2015 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine
With clinical support in place, begin process redesign initiatives to support additional efficiencies and independence. Three key processes to consider overhauling include: 1) disciplined tools that enhance operational productivity, reduce risk and optimize workflow based on financial, time, safety and satisfaction ,metrics, 2) human-centered design that helps improve the experience people have with technology, process and each other, and 3) access to internal clinical best practice guidelines that ensure optimal safety and patient outcomes. These tools can help reduce surgery cancellations, improve pre-op and supply chain efficiencies and improve HCAHPS scores, just to name a few benefits.

• Introduce value-based technology
The final step on the rep-less journey is to introduce equally effective, alternative implant options to help further reduce implant costs. Clinical results show that premium-priced orthopedic implants are failing to show incremental benefits over more standard devices. Value-based technologies are FDA-cleared device designs that are typically less complex and show no difference in clinical outcomes from comparable premium devices. The significantly lower total cost and reduced reliance on sales reps make value-based technologies increasingly more appealing.

Even though each hospital’s journey is distinct, ongoing management of the clinical and operational processes in each of these critical steps will help you trim more than implant costs, they will allow you to take more control over your OR and achieve an optimized rep-less surgical episode.

As an added bonus, the more hospitals that embrace the rep-less journey, the tougher it will be for large device companies to compete for your business without adjusting their sales model, driving healthy competition to earn your facility’s business.

About the author: Lars Thording, Ph.D., is vice president of marketing and public affairs for Intralign, a specialty healthcare services company dedicated to helping hospitals shift toward a rep-less surgical episode. He is passionate about helping redefine health care innovation as real changes that result in better care at a lower cost.

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