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Recent Cost Containment Corner Entries:

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Step-by-step advice to tighten up your spending

Five considerations for clinical communications

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Cost-effective solutions for healthcare IT deficiencies

Managing data is as fundamental to healthcare today as managing patients

Everyone’s part in the perfect EMR

Tips for optimizing your facility's approach to patient data

EHR optimization for increased employee satisfaction

What we need from EHRs today is different than what they were built for

Keep your feet on the ground and your data in the clouds

New investments show promise for better health tech

Healthcare’s history of adopting technology

Examining the industry's slow crawl toward the future

Building analytics: The future of facility operations

Because 'how's it going' is sometimes a loaded question

Who gets your vote for data governance?

Enterprise information management and the era of value-based care

Innovation on a clean slate – Sidra Medicine’s story

Dr. Avez Rizvi shares lessons he has learned about implementing best practices and fresh ideas

The price of peace of mind and patient safety

Insights from Michael McNeil, head of global product security for Philips

The biomedical services contract checklist

Wesley Reid shares tips for HTM professionals

Reducing downtime using machine data analytics

How new technology helps predict the next breakdown before it happens

Virtual care and the real world impact

Dr. Nick van Terheyden on what it means for hospitals, physicians and patients

A modest proposal: Cost containment and the quality of life

Dr. Albert Shar assesses value through the eyes of the patient

Health care’s ‘quiet crisis’

Clinical teams need timely process control and standardization systems and tools

Strategic partnerships: A path to the three rights

Achieving the right care requires collaboration

How to improve readmission rates with a population of at-risk patients

Neil Smiley, founder Loopback Analytics, on why data analytics must be leveraged at every step

Health care’s uncertain future

A diverse set of skills are required for hospital leaders to succeed

Masterful patient onboarding with three important steps

When it comes to hospital patients, first impressions are everything

Preserving practice revenues in a multitasking world

How revenue cycle management companies can improve productivity and patient care

Cost Containment Corner - The importance of redesigning care for at-risk patients

Hospitals need to get smart to lower readmission rates

Growing your practice through patient financing options

Providing patients with greater financial flexibility is good for business

The right technology helps health care providers to weather uncertainty

With Trump and the GOP in charge of health care, Shawn Yates describes how changes might be implemented

Top five pain points when renovating a health care facility

Renovating a care center is easier said than done

Will the Trump card be played against Obamacare?

The president-⁠elect's rhetoric causes uncertainty

Impact of telemedicine in the high-stakes, high-cost ICU

Strategic partnerships are the key to success

Meeting patient demand through online appointment scheduling

Dr. Ronald Barg on how how Penn Medicine improved the way physicians connect with their patients

Braving OCR audits and business associate compliance

Cost containment corner: Phase 2 of the HIPAA Audit Program

Cost Containment Corner - Critical value-based challenges

A look at specific ways health care is destined to evolve

Cost Containment Corner - An ideal hospital

UMass Memorial Health Care uses an 'Idea System' to drive innovation and process improvement

How meaningful use brought about a new era of health care

Program will shift to include standardization of data use, interoperability

Cost Containment Corner - Five steps to cost efficiency

From the November issue of HCB News magazine

Cost Containment Corner - 7 commonly outsourced clinical services

Hospitals impacted by the health care workforce shortage are outsourcing clinical services for relief

Increasing health care enrollment under the ACA

Is your facility taking the right steps?

How to save on service and parts

Ed Sloan offers advice and information of the sector