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Parts HunterTM Gathers Momentum -- Off to a Great Start

by Robert Garment, Executive Editor | September 19, 2006
DOTmed Parts Hunter
is a great new tool
for buyers and sellers
Last week DOTmed announced the launch of the DOTmed Parts HunterTM -- our new online interface where parts buyers are matched up automatically with parts sellers.

A lot of DOTmed users have already 'raised their hand' and indicated they want to participate as a Seller.

If you want to be a Seller, simply go to your "My DOTmed" > "My Equipment Categories" and follow the on-screen instructions to tell us the parts you stock and sell.
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The Parts HunterTM will be free to use for the first several months.

Now a parts buyer, by filling out one, simple Parts Request form, will have that Parts Request sent to multiple sellers simultaneously - in some cases, to dozens -- or even hundreds -- of sellers.

The sellers then can each post a price quote for that part, and the buyer sees all the quotes online. The buyer then chooses the offer he or she likes best at any time. Get more information here: How It Works.

The Parts HunterTM is a great new tool for buyers because it's easy and fast. And sellers compete for the buyer's business. It works just like a reverse-auction, the price is bid down, and the buyer gets the best deal.

It's also great for sellers because they automatically get parts requests from buyers they would never find any other way. As soon as DOTmed gets a Parts Request, we instantly notify all sellers who carry and sell that type of part.

Buyers will start using The Part HunterTM in a few weeks. You'll be notified.

With over 11,000 unique visitors a day coming to DOTmed.com, and over 71,000 registered users, we expect to generate a lot of Parts Requests every day.

Another advantage for buyers is the fact that DOTmed has such a large number of parts sellers. That means even if it's a hard-to-find part, you're more likely to find a vendor - and find them fast -- through the Parts HunterTM than any other way.