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2015 European Congress of Radiology Annual Conference update: March 6

by John W. Mitchell, Senior Correspondent | March 06, 2015
Molecular Imaging
ECR 2015 is the annual meeting of the European Society of Radiology (ESR).

The stated vision of the ESR is to determine and promote the professional, scientific, intellectual and philanthropic common good of radiology and its practitioners in Europe. Submissions to the ESR journal European Radiology were up 16% for a total of 2,100, of which 20% are selected for publication, according to ESR reports.

Today’s Honorary Lecture: Prof. Gerald Antoch from Düsseldorf, Germany. Dr. Antoch is a board certified radiologist, received numerous awards, and has written hundreds of papers and book chapters on his topic: “Hybrid imaging: let the two worlds of radiology and nuclear medicine come together”.

In addition, 2015 ESR Gold Medal Recipients were announced. According to the organization, three ESR members were honored for their lifetime achievement to imaging science and medicine. These include:

Prof. Claus D. Claussen, Tübingen, Germany, for his work in developing and advocating new imaging protocols throughout the EU, ranging from cardiac CT to whole body scans;

Prof. Yves Menu, Chairman, Radiology Department at Saint Antoine Hospital, Pierre & Marie Curie University, Paris, France. In addition to his interest in gastroenterology, oncology and emergency imaging study, Dr. Menu has served in leadership editorial positions for leading radiological professional publications and professional organizations, such as the European Board of Radiology;

Prof. András Palkó, Chairman Department of Radiology, Szeged University Medical School, Hungary. He has been voted “Best Teacher” on numerous occasions by medical students, has served as a professional journal editor and has an interest in abdominal-gastro, oncology and emergency imaging. He served in several capacities as a leader in the ESR.

Several presentation and exhibits of new research and evidence-based medicine were offered on day three, including:

1 – Details of the ESR EuroSafe program were explained. Any imaging equipment over 10 years old should be replaced, while equipment five years or less is considered new. Any equipment between six and ten years that is properly maintained to preventive maintenance standards is suitable for use.

2 – The issue of good radiation and bad radiation was covered. The art of defining risk and discussing the pros and cons with patients was explored.

3 – The long-standing dilemma of over-diagnosing and over-treating prostate cancer was examined. The concept of “active surveillance” in low-risk patients was addressed.

4 – Meniscus tears, especially in elderly patients, are missed in about one third of patients, according to coverage by the ECR. A technical overview was presented to assist radiologists in accurately diagnosing these injuries.

DOTmed ECR 2015 Quote of the Day: “There seems to exist a serious ‘infection’ of patients with ‘litigosis' due to the cash-back mentality of consumers," said Dr. Markus Ludvik, Vienna-based lawyer and ECR 2015 presenter. “Expect an increase of malpractice cases all over the world, especially for those patients with legal protection insurance.”

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