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Got Parts? Log-on and Become a DOTmed Parts HunterTM Seller

by Robert Garment, Executive Editor | September 26, 2006
If you're a Seller,
become a part of
The Parts Hunter

Very soon now -- when we officially launch the Parts HunterTM Buyer-Interface -- any buyer, by filling out a simple online Parts Request form on DOTmed, will have that part request instantly sent to multiple sellers -- one of them should be you. Each seller then posts a price quote for that part, and the buyer sees all the quotes online.

The buyer then chooses the offer he or she likes best at any time to finish the deal.

When it goes 'live,' the The Parts HunterTM will change everything about buying and selling parts online.

-\tFor Sellers, it will let you reach thousands of parts buyers you never could before.
-\tFor Buyers, it's so easy and efficient, it will be all you need, and all you will use.

The Parts HunterTM is being set up in two phases:
- Phase One is for Sellers
- Phase Two is for Buyers

Phase One -- Sellers Need To Act Now:
If you sell parts, tell us what type of equipment categories you stock and sell parts for. If you specialize you can even specify manufactures and equipment models.

With our online `check box' tool you can do this in minutes. Do this as soon as possible.

It's easy: Go to "My DOTmed" > "Parts Hunter" > "My Equipment Categories" and then follow the on-screen instructions.

If you have a large parts inventory, we can help you upload it.

Using the Parts HunterTM will be free for the first 12 months.

Phase Two -- The Launch For Buyers:
In 2 weeks on October 1, in emails to our 70,000 users -- and in ads and press releases -- thousands of hospitals and parts buyers will learn about the Parts HunterTM.

Anyone in need of a part fills out a quick & easy Parts Request form.

If that Buyer requests a part that you sell, we will notify you immediately.

Here is the reason Buyers will love the Parts HunterTM: each Part Request will be sent to multiple Sellers - depending on the part, it could be hundreds of Sellers.

So instead of having to contact `this seller' and `that seller' one-by-one, one Parts Request to DOTmed will let a Buyer reach many Sellers - and then the Buyer chooses the deal he or she likes best.

With over 11,000 unique visitors per day, DOTmed will get thousands of part requests every month that we will forward to our users who are Sellers.

Activity will be brisk once the Parts HunterTM is launched, so if you are a Seller, get set-up today.

We have a special DOTmed Help Desk set up to answer any questions 212-742-1200 Ext. 296.