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DOTmed Certified - 8 More Users Qualify in September

by Michael Johns, Project Manager | October 02, 2006
The DOTmed Certified stamp
indicates a trusted businessperson
Buyers often ask DOTmed "How do I know that I can trust a company or a person I've never done business with before?"

Our answer is simple - Look for the DOTmed Certified Logo! That's one big reason why more and more users are getting Certified every month.

Here are your DOTmed Certified Users for September 2006:
- Christopher Turner, C&C Medical Solutions,
- Luis Ramos, Managed Medical Equipment,
- Lydia Hingle, L H Imaging Sales,
- Niranjan Kumar, Indiaultrasound,
- Florian PA Dickopp, Medicopex GmbH,
- Scott Hassler, KPI Ultrasound,
- Dick Slade, BIS Technologies

Please take the time to Congratulate these folks on their commitment to good ethics - Well done!

Being DOTmed Certified is a public commitment to good business ethics.
By signing a Code of Ethics, providing three references, agreeing to Binding Arbitration and our Dispute Resolution process, DOTmed Certified users help protect the integrity of the industry -- and help themselves. The DOTmed Certified designation is earned by reliable business people in the used medical equipment and services market.

NOTE: The letters of reference can come from anyone you do business with. And, as of this writing there has been no dispute resolution involving a DOTmed Certified user because there have been no disputes among those who do business with DOTmed's "A" Team.

DOTmed Certified Users Attract More Buyers
Many end-users and buyers have commented over the years, "We prefer to do business with companies that we know we can trust, and the DOTmed Certified Logo makes it easy for us to know who these people are."

Benefits of Certification
- DOTmed Certified users are eligible for referrals from DOTmed,
- Their DOTmed listings and Service Directory listing receive
special placement,
- Their DOTmed listings and Service Directory contain the
DOTmed Certified logo, AND
- Certified users get the Authorized Logo for their website.
(Certified Users obtain the Authorized HTML Logo from:
"My DOTmed/Awards for My Site").

Newly Registered Users
Being DOTmed Certified is especially important for newly registered users because it allows them to quickly demonstrate their trustworthiness. And it's good for the industry as a whole because the process inspires confidence. The free DOTmed Certification is a fast-tracked process which you can apply for today to get certified within a week. And it's portable. It's the person, not the company, that is DOTmed Certified, so if you are at a company and leave, your Certification goes with you.

DOTmed has established this initiative solely to protect our users as they conduct business on our site. It also gives all of us a chance to lead by example and show our commitment to ethics and professionalism in our industry.

To learn about and apply for DOTmed Certification, CLICK HERE!

The DOTmed Certified process is also available from the bottom of the lefthand column on the homepage.