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Philips launches its detector-based spectral CT in Canada

by Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | November 15, 2016
CT X-Ray
Philips IQon Spectral CT
Royal Philips announced yesterday the launch of its Philips IQon Spectral CT in Canada. The company claims that it's the only spectral detector CT designed specifically for spectral imaging.

“Today’s patient-centered health care environment requires the ability to enable ‘first-time’ right testing and diagnostics," Iain Burns, president and CEO, Philips Canada, said in a statement. "With just one scan, the new Philips IQon Spectral CT can provide clinicians with the information required to help them make confident diagnoses quickly.’’

In a single, low-dose scan, this CT provides enough information for the clinician to make a diagnosis. It generates multiple layers of retrospective, diagnostic data, provides on-demand color quantification and can easily characterize structures.
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The Philips IQon Spectral CT received FDA approval in November 2014 and received CE mark last May. Also in May, the University Medical Center Utrecht in the Netherlands became the first facility to install it.

In August, it was used toscan the tail of a T. Rex dinosaur skeleton that was discovered in Montana in 2013. It provided the paleontologists with a level of detail that wasn't visible to them in the past.

“The IQon filters out all the ‘noise’, as it were, thereby providing a really good insight into the bone structure and how it is built up,” said Anne Schulp, paleontologist and dinosaur expert. “It's basically making the step from black and white movies to color."

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