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My RSNA report

by Philip F. Jacobus, CEO | November 30, 2016
Well it's another interesting RSNA under my belt. I'm not 100% sure but if you ask me to guess there were fewer people at the show, but I'm sure that there were fewer international people of the show.

I think there were more small booths than ever before. Lots of new and interesting products. All of the big companies were well represented and as we had five members of our editorial team on the floor of the show you can see that we've reported extensively on new developments, new products and new technology.

At the show I noticed an emphasis on information technology, hospital information systems and radiology information systems that are designed to make the back office of the radiology department more efficient.

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It's amazing, there's always a lot of alcohol consumption at the shows. I attended six different parties and a lot of people were letting off steam.

However, there were two sessions that were quite serious.

At our annual press briefing which is a breakfast we hold for marketing and PR people, I found attendees were very serious as to what could be done provide better patient outcomes. In the past, at this briefing I had made predictions about the coming year. I always felt this was boring but I found out that people enjoy so in the next few days I will be sharing my predictions about the future with all of you. And in 2017, God willing, I will once again share predictions about the future of the breakfast.

I also attended a serious dinner where six people shared one bottle of wine (quite modest consumption) and we talked about the future and efficiency in the emergency room in the hospital in general.

One fellow suggested he'd love to have a chip implanted in his hip with all of his patient information. He pointed out that this would save a tremendous amount of time each time he went to a new hospital or if he was involved in a car accident away from home. There was some debate about "Big Brother" but for the most part we all agreed it would be a good thing.

We also discussed how more and more people are using the emergency room even when it's not always necessary and whether or not all of the procedures being performed are necessary. One fellow suggested installing a CMS oversight observer in each hospital but that sounded a little dramatic to me.

In the end, we all agreed that there is a certain amount of inefficiency and waste that needs to be dealt with.

I think we all agree that it will be interesting to see what Trump administration does change the way things are done.

Our most charming attendee at dinner pointed out that each time she went from one department to another they repeatedly ask the same questions and if planting a chip save this waste of time she would be all for it.

And remember, ladies and gentlemen, it's not just about time it's about how fast you receive treatment. If you have to spend 15 minutes answering questions that's 15 minutes before the treatment starts.

I think we'll all be anxious to see what the future has in store — and I'm already looking forward to RSNA 2017.

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About Phil Jacobus

Phil Jacobus has been involved in health care since 1977, when he visited China to sell equipment. He has done business in 35 countries and still travels extensively. Phil is active in charity, helps rural clinics and always tries to help DOTmed users when he can.

Phil is a member of AHRA, HFMA, AAMI and the Cryogenic Society of America. He has contributed to a number of magazines and journals and has addressed trade groups.

Phil's proudest achievement is that he has been happily married to his wife Barbara since 1989, who helped him found DOTmed in 1998.

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