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Exa PACS/RIS drive productivity and readership volume rates

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | August 08, 2017
Health IT PACS / Enterprise Imaging Telemedicine
Network Radiology is building up the productivity and readership volume rates of its teleradiology and imaging services with Exa PACS/RIS, a web-based solution developed by Konica Minolta Healthcare America.

The system is a simple set-up comprised of features that allow physicians to access and assess imaging reports at a faster rate while reducing productivity errors.

Through Exa PACS Server-Side Rendering and diagnostic-quality Zero Footprint Universal Viewer, Network Radiology can log in and access files immediately without having to wait for them to load. The system can be accessed from any workstation or location and does not require downloads of software, images or patient information.

“Because no data is downloaded or transferred to a workstation, clinicians have fast access to imaging studies — even large-sized studies, such as 3-D Mammo,” Ronny Bachrach, a spokesperson at Konica Minolta, told HCB News in an email.

Patient information is stored in the Exa system, allowing reports to be sent to Network Radiology’s Exa PACS. Another feature also sends completed reports to the PACS of clients as well.

Other notable features include automatic faxing and emailing of completed reports and the organizing of patient information for schedules and work lists, thereby decreasing the risk of manual data-entry errors.

Bachrach says that the system enhances the efficiency of teleradiology, especially for people who do not live close to specialists.

"For patients and referring physicians, efficiency and productivity translate to shorter turnaround times for diagnosis and reports, and that leads to more immediate care," she said. "Efficient teleradiology solutions also increase access to radiology subspecialists, as well as other specialists. Patients in rural areas or smaller hospitals may not have access to specialists in their community; through teleradiology they not only have access to these specialists, but faster access."

Network Radiology is not the only company to implement Konica Minolta’s Exa PACS. Envision Diagnostic Center also introduced Exa PACS at all 11 of its facilities in June.

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