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Glencoe Software releases 2.0 version of PathViewer Digital Pathology Solution

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | August 09, 2017
Pathology Health IT
Glencoe Software's PathViewer 2.0
Glencoe Software has unveiled PathViewer 2.0, the latest version in its PathViewer Digital Pathology Solution technology for assessing multiplexed imaging data.

The upgrade features a variety of enhancements, including a channel manager tool for handling information from multiplexed images or images with a large number of channels. It also allows researchers to switch among and overlay any number of channels.

“With respect to previous versions, it’s a substantial upgrade that includes many performance enhancements,” said Jason Swedlow, CEO of Glencoe Software. “And it includes a tailored UI (user interface) for analyzing and interpreting multiplexed whole slide images with 40 or more biomarkers.”

Other improvements include the speed at which the application can collect data from a server, and its ability to allow users to draw and annotate the different regions and work with the outputs of analytic tools.

PathViewer is also a custom client application that uses the OMERO server application, the leading open source image database platform in the world. Thousands of institutes around the world use OMERO to handle large image data sets.

“Glenco provides a commercially licensed version of OMERO PLUS for delivery to its biopharma customers,” said Swedlow. “PathViewer is the only whole slide image application built on an open source foundation that is validated in so many institutions and domains.”

Glencoe designed the PathViewer brand in 2015 and is confident that it will become a standard tool within the digital pathology community.

“We think it’s the best product on the market for multiplex whole slide images,” said Swedlow.

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