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MILabs installs first fully integrated PET/SPECT/OI/CT platform at Erasmus MC

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | September 27, 2017 CT Molecular Imaging Rad Oncology PET SPECT X-Ray
26 September 2017 – To advance their acclaimed oncology research, researchers at the Erasmus MC and Medical Delta in the Netherlands, have acquired a VECTor5OI/CT – the world's only preclinical in-vivo imaging system with integrated morphological, functional and nuclear and optical molecular imaging capabilities.

Using a single animal scan and a single anesthesia session, this unique system can acquire high-resolution CT, high-definition PET and SPECT, high-energy theranostic as well as bioluminescence and fluorescence images. The integration of these multimodal-imaging capabilities leads to improved data quality and reduces the use of animal models.

The system will be housed within the Applied Molecular Imaging Facility in Erasmus MC. "In addition to preclinical animal imaging, the VECTor5OI/CT system will be used in clinical trials, for analysis of resected radioactive or fluorescent tumors and/or biopsies, " explains Dr. Ir. Marion de Jong, Prof. of Nuclear Biology. "Different teams in Erasmus MC and Medical Delta will apply it for the preclinical and translational validation of novel imaging tracers for diagnosis, therapeutic interventions, and image guided surgery of cancer"
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Dr. Frederick Beekman, Prof. at Delft University of Technology and CEO of MILabs adds: "The nuclear and optical imaging techniques as implemented on this exclusive multimodality imaging platform are complementary in terms of resolution, speed, quantitative accuracy, and tracer availability. As such, the platform will enable to conduct translational research projects that cannot be done with other equipment"

Erasmus MC is the largest University Medical Center in the Netherlands. Its primary goal is a healthy population. Nearly 13,000 employees devote themselves every day to providing outstanding care, facilitating world-class education and conducting pioneering research. These professionals are instrumental in developing expertise on health and illness.

Medical Delta is a network of life sciences, health and technology organizations. Based in the enterprising Rhine Delta region of the Netherlands, Medical Delta brings together a rich body of knowledge and experience, and acts as a catalyst for health innovation and cooperation.

MILabs B.V. (Utrecht, the Netherlands) provides high-end multimodality molecular imaging solutions for biomedical and pharmaceutical research. Today these systems contribute worldwide to the development of new diagnostic solutions and therapies for diseases such as diabetes, cancer, cardiac and neurodegenerative diseases.

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