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Novaprobe introduces world's first embedded 4k UHD touch enabled surgical endoscopy camera system

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | February 27, 2018 Endoscopy
Dubai, UAE: Feb 1st 2018 @arab_health 2018: @Novaprobe introduces world's first embedded 4k UHD touch enabled surgical #endoscopy camera system (UHDCAM 4K). #meddevice @MedicalExpoNews

Currently the surgical visualization systems that are available in the market consist of a camera head, a control unit and a monitor to visualize the system. They also need a separate recording system for capturing images and videos, which may result in patient data loss or unauthorized use.

The Novaprobe embedded touch enabled UHDCAM 4K surgical endoscopy camera system has eliminated some of these issues that the surgeon and the surgical staff face while conducting the end to end endoscopic surgery process, allowing them to focus on the patient rather than the data acquisition and visualization systems for the surgery. @ASGEendoscopy @GIE_Journal.

Novaprobe UHDCAM 4K surgical endoscopy system

1) Eliminates the need of a control unit.
2) Eliminates the need of external media in a separate control unit.
3) Doesn’t require an external media viewer or a laptop or any other system to review the video.
4) Eliminates the need to handle external media to transmit and load the recorded videos and images on the hospital
5) Surgeon is able to input patient information in the same integrated custom-built touch interface thus eliminating
additional paperwork required to associate the recorded videos and images to the patient.
6) Allows you to focus on the patient and the procedure, greatly reducing the setup time associated with traditional
endoscopy units.
7) Has the smallest footprint in the industry today, occupying less than 8 sq. ft of space.

The camera system is connected to a rigid scope along with Novaprobe designed LED light source LEUKOS 175 or XENON Light source LEUKOS 10300 to perform endoscopic surgery..

Technical specifications UHDCAM 4k

Resolution : 4K UHD
Chip : CMOS
Image Format : JPG @ 4K UHD
Video Format: MJPEG @ 4k UHD
Optical zoom : 18 - 35mm
Interface : C - mount
Watch more here at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-82A4U0-zWs
This development establishes Novaprobe yet again as a leading innovator in offering minimal invasive healthcare solutions. @tradepa @wtcphila @kallmanEWC #uspavilion #arabhealth

For more information contact us at +1 215-259-3673 or email us at sales@novaprobe.com . You can also visit our website at http://www.novaprobe.com

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