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Integra Connect launches advanced analytics suite to help oncology practices improve cost-efficiency and value-based cancer care

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | April 17, 2018 Rad Oncology

The Integra Connect Intelligence analytics suite sits atop a proprietary Data Transaction and Exchange engine that pulls from a practice’s disparate clinical and financial data sources, regardless of vendor – from EHRs and practice management systems to claims and more - to create a single source of truth about each patient, then stores the data. This feeds a library of turnkey reports and dashboards aligned with clinical and financial priorities set forth by the OCM and other value-based care programs. Intelligence enables analysis at the practice, site, provider, and patient levels across areas including:

Quality of Care: Providing oncology practices with near real-time visibility into their performance under MIPS, the OCM or other alternative payment models.

Cost and Utilization: Uncovering high-impact cost improvement opportunities, from resource utilization to avoidable or manageable adverse events.

Predictive Analytics: Identifying and scoring patients at high, medium or low risk of adverse events – with the ability to drill-down and sort results by patient population subsets, such as risk level, physician, event type, cancer type, and more.

Care Bundle Episode Identification: Identifying care bundle-eligible patients (e.g. OCM participants), including those prescribed oral chemotherapies, facilitating follow-up.

Care management performance and network leakage round out the suite, with additional capabilities to be added in the months ahead.

“We are already working on the next generation of population health analytics capabilities to support our customers’ ongoing value-based care success,” continued Saunders. “With our data transaction and exchange engine in place, we will constantly broaden the data inputs – with a focus on genomic and molecular data – while producing insights that help realize the promise of precision medicine through personalized treatment options at the point of care.”

Integra Connect Intelligence will be commercially available to all community oncology practices in the late spring of 2018.

About Integra Connect
Integra Connect delivers a comprehensive, integrated suite of cloud-based technologies and services that enable specialty groups to optimize clinical and financial performance as reimbursement shifts to value-based models. Connected by the IntegraCloud platform, the company’s core applications span population health including care management; advanced analytics; registry and regulatory reporting; specialty-specific EHR; practice management; and revenue cycle management. All are designed to help specialty practices transform operationally in adherence with complex regulations, including MACRA program requirements. Integra Connect partners with large groups in the U.S. focused on oncology and urology, as well as with other key healthcare constituents, including emergency medical services firms, hospitalist groups and life sciences companies.

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