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MR Solutions develops 'gapless' PET detector for continuous imaging

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | May 31, 2018
Molecular Imaging PET
MR Solutions' continuous PET
detection system
Gaps in continuous PET scanning may no longer be an issue for those equipped with a new PET detection system designed by MR Solutions.

Replacing traditional photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) with silicon-based photomultipliers (SiPM), the preclinical imaging manufacturer has designed a "gapless" detection solution with no gaps between its rings to cause artifacts that interfere with performance, enabling continuous scanning to take place.

“The bulky size of PMTs, and the inability to place modules close together has meant that PET systems have had to have been based on a block-detector technology, arranged in rings, with gaps in between each module,” Dr John McGrath, the nuclear medicine manager at MR Solutions, told HCB News. “With our in-house designed SiPM detector head coupled with our LYSO pixilated detector our PET systems are now gapless.”
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Traditional PET scanners consist of one, two, three or even four rings with gaps in between.

MR Solutions’ system is customized to the length of the scanner and can be used as a standalone PET scanner or incorporated as a clip-on for sequential multimodality imaging on its MR systems, and the company recently launched range of CT scanners. It also can be inserted inside the bore of cryogen-free MR scanners for simultaneous MR and PET imaging.

Its SiPM material composition raises its performance to a level equal to or better than those composed of PMTs. It also is more compact, runs at lower voltage and operates in more extreme environments and magnetic fields.

“Our new generation of PET systems will have the highest sensitivity due to the highest possible solid angle coverage, [and] no artifacts caused by geometric inconsistencies, achieving highest uniformity images,” said McGrath. “This allows the most accurate quantitative measurements anywhere inside the field of view of the PET system.”

MR Solutions’ cryogen-free range of superconducting scanners varies in power from 3T to 9.4T and experienced record sales in 2017.

Its PET scanners provide a resolution below 1 mm.

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