To tech companies entering healthcare: proceed with caution... please

To tech companies entering healthcare: proceed with caution... please

November 13, 2018
Health IT
• Be humble. Assume there are people in most healthcare companies who have tried to solve the exact same problem you’re looking at now. There are probably three or four key reasons why it’s still a problem and you would do well to know what those reasons are before putting that hockey-stick earnings forecast in your next quarterly report.

Having worked in and around traditional healthcare companies as well as some tech giants, it’s clear that they are very different animals. Healthcare desperately needs to evolve, and tech giants should not ignore the opportunities that fall so close to their respective sweet spots. But for both healthcare and tech companies to thrive, they need to abandon some old habits and adopt some new ones. First, they need to accept their own shortcomings and respect the strengths that the other brings to the table. Second, they have to move beyond merely coexisting and actually embrace collaboration. And, perhaps more than anything else, have some patience. This will not happen overnight.


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About the author: C. Anthony Jones is the CEO of Frontive

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