Transforming the breast cancer screening experience with ready access to clinical data

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Transforming the breast cancer screening experience with ready access to clinical data

January 17, 2019
Women's Health

Faced with these challenges, healthcare organizations are working hard to uncover innovative solutions and strategies that enhance breast imaging in order to empower women in their own healthcare journey, while improving outcomes and avoiding excess costs. It is well-proved that having historical clinical information alongside new imaging has tremendous benefits for both the patient and provider. As a result, women need an accessible, secure mechanism to request their records digitally from wherever they have received care, upload any records available at home, store them long-term and share them with anyone who needs access.

This can be accomplished through cloud-based image exchange networks, which function as digital patient engagement platforms and offer a secure way for women to access their complete breast health history. In contrast to historical exchange platforms, these cloud-based networks are system-agnostic, addressing the issues of interoperability. By having their personal medical records readily available in a consolidated way, women can make sure their current care team has diagnostic-quality images of mammograms prior to screening.

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Cloud-based image exchange networks are also proving invaluable in lifesaving clinical research projects focused on improving breast imaging. The Women Informed to Screen Depending On Measures of risk, or WISDOM Study, represents one such opportunity. With an anticipated 100,000 women participants, the study’s goal is to help determine the optimal frequency and method of breast cancer screening to drive positive clinical outcomes for generations to come. The Athena Breast Health Network is leveraging a cloud-based solution to provide critical network management of medical images and associated clinical information required to conduct this clinical trial.

With the potential to improve communication and shared decision-making between patients and providers, it’s imperative that providers keep pace with technology and data advancements in breast imaging to support improved clinical outcomes and early lifesaving diagnoses.

About the author: Cristin Gardner is director of consumer products and markets at Life Image.

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