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Age of imaging equipment in Europe is a cause of increasing concern

by Thomas Dworetzky, Contributing Reporter | March 06, 2019
European News

“When a hospital or clinic decides to part ways with a piece of imaging equipment, GE Healthcare may offer to buy it back through its GoldSeal program,” it noted, pointing out that MR, CT, and PET/CT equipment can be bought from that program with a savings of about 20 percent.

In addition, the company noted that in cases in which CT machines are retired, as many as 53 pieces can be salvaged.

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And in a January, Dr. Ken Hable, director of engineering and training at Technical Prospects, noted in an editorial for HCB News that when your system hits its end of life, that doesn't mean the end of its usefulness. He wrote that, “EOL does not mean the end for medical imaging equipment. In many cases, these systems can still be a valuable part of your install base, especially if you have a strategy for servicing and repairing the equipment without the manufacturer’s involvement.”

He advised that wanting the newest equipment doesn't mean ditching the older machines, if you have them properly maintained.

“A slightly older piece of radiography or fluoroscopy equipment, for example, could serve as an adequate backup for when your main system has an issue requiring service,” he noted, adding, “this ensures you can continue to scan patients uninterrupted, and you won’t lose them to another clinic.”

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Wayne Webster

Who funds COCIR

March 07, 2019 10:21

I wonder when a reporter will finish an article in which COCIR or MITA are quoted reminding the readers these two organizations are nothing more than mouth pieces for the original manufacturers (OEM) who support them financially?

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