Dicom Systems scores enterprise imaging contract with Radiology Partners

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | March 28, 2019
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Dicom Systems will utilize its
Unifier platform to become the
strategic provider of enterprise
imaging for Radiology Partners
Dicom Systems has won the bid for a national contract to become the strategic provider of enterprise imaging for Radiology Partners.

The win places the enterprise imaging provider in charge of integrating IT and clinical workflows to the California-based enterprise’s network of 1,200 radiologists spread across more than 850 hospitals, clinics and imaging centers, a task which it plans to facilitate using its Unifier platform.

“In typical acquisitions, one of the obvious areas of economic advantage is to consolidate IT operations, which has a direct, often negative, impact on physician productivity because they are expected to change their behavior. Like many other professionals, physicians don't take to change without some level of resistance,” Florent Saint-Clair, executive vice president of Dicom Systems, told HCB News. “By leveraging Dicom Systems' Unifier platform, physicians don't need to change their behavior, yet vendor-neutral interoperability – and affordability – enable Radiology Partners to connect the newly acquired enterprise.”
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Essentially a universal adapter for enterprise imaging, the Unifier platform serves as a clinical integration engine and is equipped with industry standard features, including DICOM, HL7, RESTful APIs – DICOMweb, FHIR, and XDS to increase the efficiencies of IT uptime and performance, clinical operations, and patient care.

The solution is designed for affordable customization and workflow extensibility leveraging LUA scripting, and can establish HTTPS connectivity in any environment. It also offers cloud-based operations, and plays a role in the development of deep learning and AI algorithms, as well as their deployment in day-to-day radiology workflows.

In addition, Unifier spares providers the burden of high costs for standard integration services, compared to traditional enterprise imaging vendors.

“The Unifier provides RadPartners' IT professionals with the necessary toolset to manage their own integrations at low cost,” said Saint-Clair. “A key advantage for Radiology Partners is Dicom Systems' existing installations across the country, which accelerates integration efforts, as Unifier appliances in other enterprises will help the company integrate securely over HTTPS rather than have to create VPNs every time they need to connect to another enterprise.”

All groups partnered with Radiology Partners will continue to maintain local leadership while leveraging the resources offered by Radiology Partners, including IT solutions, as a large scale national practice.

Radiology Partners declined to comment.

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