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EQ2 showcases advancements and new products at AAMI Exchange

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | June 11, 2019

The other solution shown was FASTKEY, a software for tracking and controlling key and access card management in hospitals. Users can view key assignments on maps of floors, specific areas, rooms and spaces within a room, and search high-risk areas for a history of who had access to it.

"The program allows you to rate the rooms on security risk. So a key to a drug room, OR or cath lab would have a higher priority if it were lost,” said Sable, adding that the product also has a core inventory so that only the lock with the missing key can be replaced. “Losing one key may cause facilities to have to key 200 different locks. That may be $300 a lock to be replaced. It’s a big financial impact.”

Advancements to the HEMS Remote and Performance and Benchmarking Analyzer are currently available. FASTKEY is currently in Beta testing at a number of hospitals, with the first installation set to take place in July.

EQ2 aims to produce different versions of Total Asset Management, such as capital versus non-capital, and integrate them with buying systems to provide greater automation for supply chain staff. It is currently in beta testing, with a release expected in the fall.

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