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Are you prepared for the AHRMM conference?

by Gus Iversen, Editor in Chief | July 12, 2019
From the July 2019 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

Shifting to the AHRMM Conference & Exhibition, which is being held in San Diego this year

HCB News: Looking back on last year's AHRMM conference, what sticks out the most in your memory?

TD: I was chair of AHRMM last year so this question is easy for me. During my opening session comments to the attendees, I was looking out in the audience and it was apparent that my message around the need for a clinically-integrated supply chain was making a connection with the attendees. It was a great feeling to be able to see that what I was passionate about, and what the ARHMM board had been focused on that year, actually had the ability to make an impact.

HCB News: It's my understanding that consolidation has added new layers of complexity to hospital supply chain. Is this a topic of heavy discussion at the conference?
TD: The impact of mergers and acquisitions, whether it be with provider organizations or suppliers, is always a topic of conversation, and one that peers seek guidance and support from each other on how to address.

HCB News: What are some of the newer trends or topics that you expect to be discussed more this year than they had been in previous years?
TD: Because ARHMM is very focused on continuing the impact of the CQO movement and the adoption of a clinically integrated supply chain, this year there will be a track dedicated to clinical integration.

HCB News: For first time attendees, what advice would you offer to make sure they make the most of their time?
TD: Make every effort to attend the learning labs and make your choices diverse. Meaning, attend a session that can enhance your current educational level on a topic, but also don’t be afraid to attend sessions that stretch beyond your current role and expose you to other areas of supply chain. As I stated earlier, having a broader knowledge of all the various roles and responsibilities that a supply chain professional can function in can only enhance one professionally and ultimately help position for future success. Also, visit the vendor exhibits. There are valuable learnings there but also it gives you the opportunity to connect and form relationships that can be important to a future need.

HCB News: Anything else you want to mention in our interview that we haven't already touched upon (e.g., emerging technologies that focus on women’s health — the focus of this issue; your time as the AHRMM Board Chair)?
TD: It was very fulfilling from the perspective of being a woman and a nurse to have been elected to the AHRMM board and then serving as the chair in 2018. What this said to me is that our members are looking for leaders who want to advance supply chain as a profession and neither sex nor failure to come up through the traditional path in supply chain was a barrier to being viewed as a capable leader. In addition, being able to be part of an organization that recognizes the value, and embraces the idea, of working with clinical colleagues to impact cost, quality and outcomes, changing the way we approach the delivery of care and support of health, allows me to bring the best of myself to what I do every single day and hopefully will set the example for future generations on what they can accomplish.

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