Ilumina announces a bespoke concierge diagnostic medical imaging service for insurance companies and law firms

Ilumina announces a bespoke concierge diagnostic medical imaging service for insurance companies and law firms

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TORONTO, Sept. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Ilumina announces its ground-breaking Diagnostic Medical Imaging Service complementing its Continuity of Care program, both programs specifically designed to streamline the pathway to patient care.

"In a medical environment fraught with limited access to timely diagnostic evaluations, Ilumina strives to provide through its innovative and proprietary telemedicine portal, expedited patient care for patients who qualify," says Danny Grossi, MD & CEO of Ilumina.

Ilumina offers medical imaging solutions via its bespoke Concierge Diagnostic Medical Imaging Service to correlate predicted patient long-term prognosis with objective medical evidence on an ongoing basis.

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"Ilumina's innovative Continuity of Care model bridges the knowledge gap among family physicians, lawyers, paralegals and insurance adjusters by conducting ongoing patient file reviews to determine if indications are present necessitating the requirement for Diagnostic Imaging studies," continues Grossi.

Currently two huge barriers exist for lawyers and insurance adjusters when ordering Diagnostic Imaging scans.

Family physicians will only order scans if a clear positive medical indication is present.
Family physicians fear financial penalties imposed by their governing bodies if Diagnostic Imaging scans are ordered without what they perceive to be clear, positive medical indications.
For the patient that has suffered injuries secondary to motor vehicle collisions or slip and fall traumas, clear medical indications are often not present to their family physicians and will not warrant further evaluations via diagnostic studies.

Furthermore, by utilizing predictive analytics that employ sophisticated statistical algorithms, ilumina's proprietary AI system attempts to accurately predict the probability of a patient's future medical prognosis, thereby empowering lawyers, paralegals and insurance adjusters to make informed decisions for their clients.

Through its innovative and proprietary telemedicine portal, IIumina provides patients access to expedited diagnostic medical imaging services. Individuals who qualify through the Ontario Health Insurance Act for private 3rd party payee diagnostic imaging scans are privy to receiving clinical excellence provided by IIumina's affiliation with several Ontario based Hospitals.

Grossi adds "from an actual service perspective, we can book urgent scans within 24 hours. Once the scan is completed, results are available within 24 hours."

Ilumina's Concierge Diagnostic Medical Imaging Service offers the following imaging studies

MRI scans - including Brain (SWI)
SPECT Brain Nuclear Medicine Perfusion Scans
CT Scans

About Ilumina
Ilumina is revolutionizing the healthcare and medical-legal industry by providing innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and concierge-like solutions to help patients navigate the challenges observed in both the healthcare and medical-legal system.

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