Answering the worldwide need for chronic liver disease assessment and diagnosis

September 20, 2019

Supporting market partnerships and collaboration
Echosens supports the initiatives undertaken by patient advocacy organizations, such as the American Liver Foundation, and helps to increase public awareness of the importance of early detection and treatment of liver diseases. Our technology is gaining prominence among the most highly respected hospitals and institutions.

The NASH Network (NASHNET), a global Centers of Excellence Network represented by leading healthcare systems in collaboration with The Kinetix Group, is utilizing FibroScan in a pilot study to appropriately identify patients with progressive NAFLD. With a goal to create an optimal care delivery model in hospital systems, NASHNET will utilize FibroScan and associated screening tests in primary care, endocrinology and bariatric clinics.

NASHNET will collect and analyze data on 6,500 patients over a one-year period. This real-world evidence study is designed to identify cost-effective patient flows to screen, diagnose and manage patients with NAFLD and NASH. To accomplish this goal, the NASHNET steering committee is recommending that FibroScan devices be placed within their primary care and/or diabetic clinics.

The study will evaluate care models that utilize FibroScan in conjunction with routine lab tests, lipidomic and metabolic profiles, magnetic resonance elastography (MRE), exploratory biomarkers and morphometric analysis. The objective is to improve identification of patients with progressive NAFLD and reserve more costly assessments to those patients at greater risk for mortality and morbidity associated with the disease.

United States and worldwide expansion
Echosens attributes one-half of its current sales volume to the U.S. market and expects to increase that market share substantially in the near and short term. International initiatives are also underway, with strong receptivity for expanded adoption in Western Europe, Asia, China, Australia, Latin America and West Africa.

Given market need and readiness to tackle the frightening epidemic of liver disease, the Echosens technology platform is answering some of the world’s most pressing healthcare challenges.

About the authors: Dominique Legros, Group CEO, Echosens: A global healthcare business and technology expert based at the Echosens corporate headquarters and offices in Paris, France, Legros has international experience in both small companies and large global corporations, including Johnson & Johnson, Dentsply and Dentsply Sirona. With cultural sensitivity and significant expertise in successfully developing, transforming and leading enterprises worldwide, Legros is further expanding the impressive global footprint of Echosens to bring the benefits of its full range of products and services to an even greater number of physicians throughout the world and support their assessment and management of patients with chronic liver disease.

Jon Gingrich, CEO, Echosens North America: With more than 20 years of global medical device and health care sales, marketing and general management experience at AxoGen, Inc., Hologic, Inc., Boston Scientific Corporation and Unilever, N.V, Gingrich now leads the development and execution of the Echosens U.S. strategy for expanding the utilization of FibroScan technology in the assessment of chronic liver disease. As a member of the broader global executive leadership team, he works to implement the Company’s transformation plan and shape the future of Echosens.

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