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Hospitals in Alabama pay hackers after ransomware attack

by Thomas Dworetzky, Contributing Reporter | October 07, 2019
Cyber Security

While the actual source of the attack may at present be unknown, according to DCH, the type of ransomware has been discovered. “The ransomware variant Ryuk was used to encrypt the files, stated the health system.

In February, it was revealed that a larger, international ransomware attack could cost the U.S. economy almost $89 billion, according to a new report by the Cyber Risk Management (cyRiM) project, an initiative for assessing cybersecurity risks, of which specialist insurance and reinsurance market, Lloyd’s, is a founder.

The report also advised that the total global price tag of such an attack could hit $193 billion.

“Overall, healthcare facilities have likely become susceptible to ransomware and other cybersecurity threats due to the lack of historical focus on cybersecurity as a key priority,” Juuso Leinonen, senior project engineer at ECRI Institute, told HCB News at the time, adding that, “the rapid trend in connecting medical devices and overall increase in connected data systems integral to patient care have likely exacerbated the problem.”

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