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AlgoMedica and InferVision establish partnership to Improve the performance of medical imaging AI software to Identify COVID-19

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | May 12, 2020 Artificial Intelligence CT X-Ray
SunnyVale, CA, May 12, 2020 – AlgoMedica, Inc., the developer of PixelShine®, the artificial intelligence (AI) powered software that can improve the image quality of any CT scan is pleased to announce a new partnership with Infervision, Corp., whereby Infervision will integrate PixelShine® into their InferRead™ CT Pneumonia software. The goal of this effort is to improve the ability of the Infervision AI algorithms to analyze ultra low-dose lung CT imaging by reducing the noise inherent in these studies and subsequently improving the radiologists clinical confidence.

This collaboration between AlgoMedica and Infervision is part of a broader effort to improve the effectiveness of ultra-low dose CT in the detection of COVID-19 in suspected patients. Both companies are partners in a consortium that is seeking €2M in funding from the EU to establish a standardized and quantitative procedure to enable improved and faster diagnosis of COVID-19 using ultra low dose CT and medical imaging AI. The combined solution is in the process of being installed at hospitals in several countries in Europe, including Germany and Italy.

In addition to improving the image quality of ultra-low CT studies, PixelShine will enable the harmonization of image reading across the participating hospitals by providing all radiologists with high quality CT studies regardless of the scanner being used. Standardizing image quality in this manner is also expected to speed radiologists reading and clinical decision making.
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PixelShine from AlgoMedica is expected to improve the performance of the InferRead™ CT Pneumonia software from Infervision since image noise may mask pathology and make it more difficult for the AI algorithm to identify abnormal patterns which could be relevant.

"We have shown that PixelShine improves the quality of all CT studies, particularly inherently noisy low dose CT studies," explains Mikael Strindlund, CEO of AlgoMedica. We are pleased to be working with a forward thinking company such as Infervision to show that reducing image noise can facilitate the optimal performance of InferVision’s AI algorithm.”

About PixelShine from AlgoMedica
PixelShine by Algomedica was developed using machine learning. It can improve the quality of any CT exam by reducing the inherent image noise during the image reconstruction process. This is particularly applicable to ultra-low dose CT scanning applications such as lung screening. Pixelshine empowers healthcare providers to acquire high-quality CT scans using substantially lower radiation dose. PixelShine is vendor agnostic and can enhance the quality of noisy CT scans acquired by all types of CT scanners, including older and refurbished models. PixelShine is fast, requires no user interaction and can be remotely installed. Pixelshine can also extend the life of the Xray tube, resulting in capital savings and reduction of downtime and revenue loss. Learn more at www.algomedica.com

About Infervision
Infervision has been devoted to the clinical application of artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies in health care, providing AI-based platforms and solutions that fully integrated with the medical workflow for the best assistant to the medical professionals. Health providers in over 10 countries in Asia, Europe, North America, and around the world are using Infervision’s highly precise and efficient clinical tools, empowering them with improved clinical insights. Infervision currently has 8 global offices and over 300 employees worldwide. Each day Infervision helps process over 53,000 exams, and has processed 17M cases to date. Visit Infervision at www.infervision.com

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