Innovatus Imaging opens up tour of proprietary technology driving operational efficiencies for imaging services

Innovatus Imaging opens up tour of proprietary technology driving operational efficiencies for imaging services

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Pittsburgh, PA, September 1, 2020 – With growing pressure on Clinical Engineering and imaging departments across all healthcare models to achieve higher operational efficiencies, and equipment ROI, Innovatus Imaging is opening up a virtual tour of its proprietary technology developed over nearly 40 years. By touring the company's Centers of Excellence for Design, Engineering and Manufacturing, and Ultrasound Probe Repair, even virtually, Healthcare Technology Management experts will be able to identify the processes and technology behind sustainable repairs that result in enhanced device lifecycles, lower cost of ownership, and higher ROI's.

"Many people don't realize that Innovatus Imaging's heritage lies with the industry's most prolific pioneers," said Matt Tomory, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Innovatus Imaging. "Our leaders developed the technology and the processes for holistic repairs and testing which today are still driving high efficiencies, best-in-class quality, and performs as intended by the OEM."

The technology behind Innovatus Imaging's industry-leading record for accurate, sustainable ultrasound probe repairs is showcased in an 8-minute virtual tour of the Centers of Excellence in Denver, CO, and Tulsa, OK. The video provides a glimpse of what to look for in repair processes that are proven to help save money from fewer repairs and device longevity.


Special-Pricing Available on Medical Displays, Patient Monitors, Recorders, Printers, Media, Ultrasound Machines, and Cameras.This includes Top Brands such as SONY, BARCO, NDS, NEC, LG, EDAN, EIZO, ELO, FSN, PANASONIC, MITSUBISHI, OLYMPUS, & WIDE.

The video tour, entitled "Ultrasound Transducer Longevity, Performance and ROI Come Down to One Critical Difference: Technology," can be found at the following link, or on the home page for Innovatus Imaging at

Innovatus Imaging was formed in 2017 when Bayer Multi-Vendor Service, Wetsco, and MD MedTech merged to form a national presence with three Centers of Excellence for medical device Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing; Ultrasound Probe Repair; and MRI Coil Repair. Within three years of operation, Innovatus Imaging quickly became the partner of choice for the industry's largest resellers of repair services as well as major hospitals and healthcare systems.

Innovatus Imaging is the ISO-13485:2016 certified preferred provider for best-in-class repair services for medical imaging products. The company's expertise spans the entire device lifecycle – from design, development, manufacturing to sales, distribution, and repair. With a legacy spanning over 30 years and having repaired more than 160,000 ultrasound probes and 30,000+ MRI coils, the company has accumulated tremendous amounts of data which serves as a massive knowledge base for continual improvement. The company has an FDA-registered site for the design and manufacturing of ultrasound transducers and related products. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Innovatus Imaging also maintains Centers of Excellence in Tulsa, OK and Denver, CO.

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