virtual.MEDICA to present specialist topics in laboratory medicine reflecting sector's significance for COVID-19

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virtual.MEDICA to present specialist topics in laboratory medicine reflecting sector's significance for COVID-19

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | October 12, 2020 Business Affairs
At this year's virtual.MEDICA (November 16 – 19, 2020), the MEDICA LABMED FORUM will address question such as How can diagnoses be made even more reliable and faster with the help of the latest scientific findings? How can a large amount of information be linked and evaluated in such a way that new therapeutic options can be developed? The forum's high profile program with renowned speakers is free of charge for registered online visitors and will be held on all days of the trade fair digitally due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It can be accessed via the Conference Area at virtual.MEDICA

The English language forum sessions will focus on the topics microbiology and infectious diseases, cardiology and oncology and, of course, COVID-19. In addition, young scientists and the industry look into the future together and present promising trends in laboratory medicine. The forum will be organized by Prof. Dr. Georg Hoffmann from the medical publishing house Trillium, in cooperation with the German Heart Center Munich (DHM).

Day 1: Microbiome diagnostics, infection diagnostics and breathomics

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The series of sessions will start on November 16 (12:00 pm Central European time) with the microbiome/infection diagnostics and breathomics themes, chaired by Prof. Dr. med. Beniam Ghebremedhin (Witten/Herdecke University, HELIOS Wuppertal University Clinic).

The fascination of microbiome research lies on the one hand in the rapid increase in knowledge over the last ten years and on the other hand in the many cross-links to a variety of widespread diseases - from obesity to depression. The articles are dedicated to the first diagnostic and therapeutic applications. The sessions will address primary diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

Following an introduction to the topic, with explanations of the analytical standards by Prof. Dr. Andrè Gessner, Prof. Dr. Ernst Holler will explain how this research is used in oncology (both speakers are from the University Hospital Regensburg). The next two talks will look at the importance of microbiotics for the central physical communication axis, the so-called intestinal-brain axis, and gastroenterology. The speakers will be Prof. Dr. Jonathan Swann, Imperial College / London and Prof. Dr. Simona Cristescu, Institute for Molecules and Materials / Nijmegen.

The next part of the program will all be about breathomics. Here, the volatile metabolome, the characteristic metabolic properties of exhaled breath, is analyzed. This contains many gaseous substances which predominantly come from the patient's lungs and blood. Breathomics from a microbiological point of view also provides information about infections of the respiratory tract and possible bacterial colonization of the intestine. Prof. Dr. Agnieszka Smolinska, University of Maastricht, will demonstrate the use of this analytical technique in gastroenterology. Dr. Wolfgang Vautz, ION-Gas GmbH, will present new methods of respiratory gas analysis. Prof. Dr. Jonathan Swan and Prof. Dr. Wieland Vogt, Steinbeis-Hochschule Berlin, will explain the role of volatile metabolites in the intestinal-brain axis and applications for monitoring the course of influenza.

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