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The 10 biggest MR stories of 2020

by Gus Iversen, Editor in Chief | December 23, 2020
From the November 2020 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

Canon gets clearance for iterative reconstruction tech with 1.5T MR system
Iterative reconstruction technology is a growing trend in MR imaging. By allowing scanners to do more with less data, they enable faster scans without compromising image quality.

In June the FDA gave Canon the green light to integrate Compressed SPEEDER technology, which reduces scan time by applying iterative reconstruction to reconstruct full-resolution images from under-sampled data into its Vantage Orian 1.5T MR system.

New Fully Configured 80-slice CT in 2 weeks with Software Upgrades for Life

For those who need to move fast and expand clinical capabilities -- and would love new equipment -- the uCT 550 Advance offers a new fully configured 80-slice CT in up to 2 weeks with routine maintenance and parts and Software Upgrades for Life™ included.

The news followed a March announcement that the technology was approved for use on the Vantage Galan 3T MR system.

“Canon Medical's Compressed SPEEDER can reduce scan times by a factor of 2.5,” Tom Naypaur, senior manager for MR Solutions Marketing of Canon Medical Systems USA, told HCB News. "In certain instances, we've seen overall scan time reduction of up to 60% comparing acquisitions with and without Compressed SPEEDER. Of course, scan times will vary from site-to-site depending on the scan protocols.”

In reducing the time of MR scans, Compressed SPEEDER enables more scans to be conducted in a day and allows providers more time in between each exam to help clean and disinfect scanners. Reducing the timing of scans enables greater patient comfort, which may help reduce movement from patients caused by discomfort and thereby enable higher-quality images.

It also supports image acceleration and can be used to avoid unfolding artifacts sometimes seen with standard parallel imaging, or can achieve higher resolution in 2D Fast Spin Echo acquisitions.

Compressed SPEEDER technology is included in an all-new version of M-Power software which is available for the Vantage Orian 1.5T. The scanner comes standard with Windows 10 and embedded cybersecurity solutions from Canon Medical that provide continuous patches and updates from Microsoft to keep patient data secure. The scanner also has whitelisting functions, which give clinicians access only to applications and processes that have been authorized.

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