Ally Medical Emergency Room launches state-of-the-art South Austin facility to help patients during pandemic

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Ally Medical Emergency Room launches state-of-the-art South Austin facility to help patients during pandemic

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | February 10, 2021 CT Emergency Medicine Ultrasound X-Ray
AUSTIN, Texas- February 9, 2021 - Ally Medical Emergency Room is proud to offer its services to the South Austin community with its newest fully operable and world-class freestanding emergency room. The facility, located at 8721 Menchaca Road, is equipped with a complete range of diagnostic equipment, including ultrasound, X-ray, CT scanners, and staffed by a team of experienced, licensed physicians and medical professionals.

The new South Austin location represents the company’s growing footprint across Texas, with locations in Bastrop, Central Austin, Clear Lake, and Round Rock.

“Ally Medical offers a new and better way to treat medical emergencies by adopting a patient-first philosophy and empowering our physicians to provide the right care, right away,” said Dr. Jeremy Kenter. “Our emergency rooms are staffed by physicians, ER nurses, and radiology technicians that work around the clock to deliver a full range of emergency and trauma care for all our patients. This is our fifth facility in the area, and we are excited to serve our South Austin community in the best possible way.”

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Ally Medical ER opened its doors to the South Austin facility in late December 2020.

Ally Medical ERs specialize in providing emergency care and trauma care, ranging from broken bones and other injuries to infections, allergy and asthma attacks, severe stomach pain, or chest pain that may indicate a severe condition.

Each Ally Medical ER is equipped to treat both minor and major medical emergencies for children and adults in a safe, stress-free setting. The ER facility provides on-site testing and imaging services that fast-track diagnosis, treatment, and stabilization of patients with acute illnesses and injuries. Ally Medical ERs also maintain hospital transfer agreements, should a patient need to be transferred for an extended inpatient stay, surgery, blood transfusions, and other specialized care. The facility offers inpatient capabilities where a patient may be observed and monitored for up to 23 hours to prevent potential admission to the hospital.
About Ally Medical Emergency Room

Ally Medical Emergency Room, a subsidiary of USA Emergency Centers, was founded in 2015 and is owned and managed by board-certified physicians driving to reinvent emergency care with more caring and less waiting. Ally Medical provides emergency medical care through a network of freestanding emergency rooms in Austin and Houston, where patient care is the first priority.

Ally Medical is headquartered in Austin, TX, and operates five freestanding emergency rooms across Texas. The emergency rooms are located in the Bastrop, Central Austin, Clear Lake, and Round Rock sites, with the newest addition of the South Austin facility.

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