Esaote North America installs the first O-scan Elite Dedicated MRI at University Radiology in New Jersey

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FISHERS, Ind., March 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Esaote North America is pleased to announce the installation and commissioning of their latest version of the O-scan Elite Dedicated MRI at the East Brunswick location of University Radiology.

The O-scan Dedicated MRI is unique by a being a scanner designed for imaging the Upper and Lower Joints. The O-scan MRI features technologies like True Motion for real-time imaging of the joint in motion, AgilExam an AI-based examination planning software and MAR for postoperative follow-up (to eliminate artifacts from metal implants). O-scan MRI delivers to Radiology & Imaging departments the ability to address MRI overload and backlog with a small footprint, whilst being economically viable.

As the O-scan MRI runs on a standard power outlet, and does not have the need for helium, the cost effectiveness of the system fully compliments the impact on patient comfort with an examination that is truly not claustrophobic and suitable for large and anxious patients.

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"University Radiology is pleased to be able to offer this uniquely comfortable MRI experience for claustrophobic patients," said Dr. Eric Lazar of University Radiology. "The Esaote Extremity MRI creates excellent diagnostic images of the elbow, wrist, hand and fingers from the upper extremity and the knee, ankle, foot and toes from the lower extremity. The patient reclines comfortably in an open-air environment while only the imaged body part lies within the machine. This is the first of its kind through our suite of 23 offices and we are happy to welcome patients to our East Brunswick flagship office for this new service."

"The O-scan MRI is specifically designed to image Extremities, and so can provide a workflow and patient centric solution for Radiology & Imaging Centers," said Stephen Gibbs, MRI Marketing Manager at Esaote North America. "Esaote North America is committed to putting the best tools into the hands of the experts, such as University Radiology, so that they can have imaging solutions that have operational, economic, and clinical benefits, that can address patient needs."

About Esaote
Esaote North America, as part of the international Esaote Group, continues to develop and distribute innovative medical imaging systems, with the support of one of the world's leading medical imaging companies. Esaote SpA is a leader in medical device manufacturing in the areas of Ultrasound, Dedicated MRI, and Healthcare IT. Esaote's headquarters are in Genoa, Italy with an international presence in 80 countries. O-scan MRI is a trademark of Esaote SpA.

About University Radiology
University Radiology, the largest provider of subspecialty radiology and teleradiology services in NJ. Comprised of over 150 Board Certified radiologists with advanced U.S.-based training and expertise in all modalities and all subspecialty areas. Our focus is on providing the highest quality subspecialty diagnostic care for our patients, referring physicians, hospitals, and our healthcare clients. In operation for more than 50 years, University Radiology staffs, manages, and provides subspecialty interpretations and consultative support for 11 affiliated regional healthcare centers and for our own 23 medical imaging centers. In addition, University Radiology serves as the academic radiology faculty at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

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