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Software enhancement helps alert radiologists to false-positive lymph nodes in mammograms for COVID-19-vaccinated patients

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | March 17, 2021 Women's Health
Plano, TEXAS | March 16, 2020 – medQ Inc, a leading provider of automated imaging workflow solutions, announces the deployment of a new enhancement to the Q/ris 3000 Enterprise Imaging Workflows designed to alert scheduling and front desk staff of a patient’s COVID-19 vaccination status and alert Radiologists to potential false-positive lymph node issues during routine mammogram exams.

In late February, the Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines were observed to cause swollen lymph nodes under the arm lasting for 4-6 weeks in about 10-15% of patients. While swollen lymph nodes are a sign of the body building up defenses against the virus, they are also an indicator of breast cancer in routine mammograms1,2.

"The potential for false positives presents an issue for both imaging centers and patients." said John Norman, Chief Executive Officer for medQ. "Aside from preventing needless worry, timely alerts like these can help imaging centers avoid cancelling exams last-minute and help prevent patients from having to schedule additional costly procedures to verify false positives."

The enhancement will consist of additional screening questions related to a patient’s vaccination status, as well as alert pop-ups that trigger during the mammography scheduling and check-in process. The enhancement is scheduled to begin roll out this week.

About medQ Inc: The creators of the world's most configurable and customizable imaging workflow software, medQ has been providing practices with enterprise imaging workflow solutions since 1996. MedQ provides hundreds of practices and enterprises with custom, automated workflows that increase productivity, fit their exact clinical needs, and have a positive impact on patient care.

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