Radformation releases AutoContour

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Radformation releases AutoContour

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | March 18, 2021 Rad Oncology
NEW YORK, March 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Radformation, the leader in radiation oncology automation, has released AutoContour. The AI-driven segmentation tool can automatically segment over forty of the most common organs at risk (OAR) while also generating any necessary planning structures based on a clinic's structure templates.

"Contouring has always been a time-consuming and error prone process in the clinic. Depending on the treatment site, the process could take multiple hours and it's far too easy to accidentally put in a stray pixel," said Kurt Sysock MMP DABR, Radformation Chief Executive Officer and Cofounder. "This is why we wanted to build something that was fast, flexible, accurate. Something that works seamlessly with users' current workflows, generates all OAR contours in under two minutes, and easily allows users to review each automatically contoured structure for accuracy."

"AutoContour represents a new standard for efficiency and safety in radiation therapy contouring."

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With a single click, AutoContour users can scroll through and adjust structure slices for each contour, enabling users to quickly identify and edit any deficiencies. Acceptable contours can be approved, while any deficiencies can be marked for future edits.

"AutoContour represents a new standard for efficiency and safety in radiation therapy contouring," said Alan Nelson DMP DABR, Radformation Chief Science Officer and Cofounder. "Its efficient contour generation and unique streamlined review combined with ClearCheck's independent structure checking fits right into any clinic's existing treatment planning workflow. This is a perfect example of the holistic problem-solving that is the fabric of our products."

Currently, a handful of select clinics have early access to AutoContour. One described an improved workflow, saying, "AutoContour's tight integration within the Varian Eclipse planning system eliminates the need to import and export DICOM data sets and supports an efficient workflow." Another early user said, "I really appreciate the built-in editing and QA features, ensuring no generated contour is returned to Eclipse without user review."

With FDA clearance in the USA, AutoContour is the latest addition to Radformation's suite of automation tools. By integrating directly with Radformation's ClearCheck and utilizing previously established templates, AutoContour streamlines the contouring and review process from start to finish.

AutoContour will be available this spring. Join Radformation on Wednesday, March 24th for a live webinar and Q&A to see AutoContour in action. Register at radformation.com/resources.

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