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The future of device service: No longer a cost center

August 16, 2021
Parts And Service
From the August 2021 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine
• Remote online surveillance detects impending CT tube failures or MR system anomalies, so repairs can be scheduled and costly, unplanned downtime prevented.
• A holistic dose management tool provides data to support low-dose strategies. It automatically tracks and analyzes radiation and contrast exposure, warning against excessive doses.
• A simple, intuitive app helps create and track service requests, monitor planned service, initiate repair calls, and proactively manage service for an entire diagnostic imaging fleet.

3. Is our equipment safe and secure?
Cybersecurity is critical as attacks on healthcare providers continue to increase. As care increasingly relies on interconnected devices, the cyber-threat becomes more severe: a single breach can seriously damage productivity, finances, care quality, and reputation.

The solution is a systematic and holistic program to ferret out vulnerabilities, measure risks, and enable protection against threats known and still to come. That requires a combination of deep expertise with medical devices and systems, sophisticated analytics, artificial intelligence, and the experience of cybersecurity specialists. This approach combines people, process, and technology.

The future is here
Service in the future will become not a cost to be minimized but a resource to be tapped in continuous pursuit of excellence. The tools and capabilities described here are not futuristic — they are available today. And the coming years are certain to bring further innovations. Service thus supported means service transformed — and care efficiency and quality raised to new levels.

About the author: Todd Brown is president of CoRE Partnerships & Service Growth in the U.S. and Canada for GE Healthcare.

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