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Amsterdam University Medical Centers establishes same-day ablative treatment service using MRIdian

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | August 24, 2021 MRI Rad Oncology
CLEVELAND, Aug. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- ViewRay, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRAY) today announced that the clinical team at Amsterdam University Medical Centers (Amsterdam UMC) has started offering "same-day ablative treatment" using MRIdian SMART (stereotactic MR-guided adaptive radiotherapy) for patients who are eligible for single fraction MRI-guided radiation therapy. Three patients under treatment for lung tumors were the first to benefit from this program. Typically, patients undergoing radiation therapy are required to make several visits to the hospital from consultation, through planning scan to multiple treatments. This program significantly reduces the burden of multiple trips to the hospital, by combining the initial clinical consultation, simulation, treatment planning and delivery, all within a single visit.

At Amsterdam UMC, nearly 50 patients have been treated with a single ablative fraction on the MRIdian. By optimizing departmental logistics, the Amsterdam UMC team consolidates the patient treatment planning activities, including a single fraction treatment into a single visit. In addition to lung, Amsterdam UMC is extending this same-day ablative treatment service to adrenal, renal and other tumor sites.

"The MRIdian system's integrated software and on-table adaptive workflow facilitates stereotactic delivery (single fraction) in patients with thoracic or abdominal tumors. This is particularly beneficial for patients who live some distance from the hospital where multiple visits would be burdensome," said Dr. Frank Lagerwaard, M.D., Ph.D., clinical lead of the MRIdian program at the Radiation Oncology Departments Amsterdam UMC.

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"Our workflow involves a detailed MR simulation on the MRIdian system as the first step in determining the delivery strategy. This is followed by a streamlined process and workflow within the integrated MRIdian software that allows a treatment plan to be generated within two hours. Thereafter, high precision delivery is possible using patient–controlled video-assisted breath-holds. All patients have tolerated the one-stop ablative service well," said Dr. Miguel Palacios, lead physicist of the MRIdian program.

Amsterdam UMC commenced treating patients with MRIdian in May 2016 and has now treated more than 1,200 patients using stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR) for prostate, pancreatic, lung, liver, and kidney cancers. Approximately 165 of these patients were treated for lung cancer. The MRIdian system's ability for daily plan adaptation and real-time soft-tissue tracking and automated beam gating capabilities are essential features.

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