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Twin Health raises $140M Series C to scale whole body digital twin for reversal, prevention of chronic metabolic diseases

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | October 08, 2021 Artificial Intelligence Health IT

Twin Health’s clinical research team is conducting the world’s first randomized controlled trial (RCT) for reversing chronic metabolic disease using digital twin technology. Early RCT data were recently presented and published in the American Diabetes Association’s Diabetes journal, with first of its kind health outcomes. Patients had an average HbA1c reduction of 3.1 (average baseline 8.7) with over 90% achieving type 2 diabetes reversal (HbA1c less than 6.5), and 92% eliminating all diabetes medications including insulin. Furthermore, patients had an average weight reduction of 9.1 kg (20 lbs). Among patients with baseline abnormal liver function (as defined by an elevated ALT on clinical lab values) there was an average ALT reduction of 24 units/L. In comparison, the control group did not achieve diabetes reversal, any reduction in diabetes medications, or a significant improvement in weight or liver function. The scientific outcomes from the RCT and the commercial results have been published in 13 peer-reviewed international medical journals and conference papers and abstracts.

“The Whole Body Digital Twin™ is delivering a new standard of care, empowering physicians and patients to make highly personalized data-driven decisions based on real-time feedback coming from patients' own bodies,” said Dr. Toby Cosgrove, Executive Advisor/Cleveland Clinic, who is on Twin Health’s board of directors.

Used as early as the 1960s, digital twin technology is at a new inflection point, applied across sectors ranging from auto to aircraft and energy thanks to advances in sensor technology, connectivity, and the computing power required to machine learn with massive volumes of data. Through application of this advanced technology to one of the most complex systems of all – the human metabolism – Twin Health is addressing the root cause of chronic metabolic disease.

Company founder Jahangir Mohammed is a serial inventor, entrepreneur and tech pioneer with early successes in mobile connectivity, the Internet of Things and digital twin technology. He founded Kineto Wireless in 2000, pioneering the use of WiFi technologies in mobile phones for indoor voice and data. He later founded and built Jasper Technologies into a leading global IoT platform, acquired by Cisco for $1.4B in 2016.

"The Whole Body Digital Twin™ became my life's work after my eyes were opened to the magnitude of chronic disease globally. I had seen too many loved ones impacted by the daily challenges of living with these diseases, forever changing the futures they imagined," said Mohammed, who initially bootstrapped the company, and self-funded $10 million. "The impact the Twin service has had on our members' lives energizes and inspires me, hearing their stories as they begin to understand the intricacies of their own metabolism and feel empowered to heal from the inside out."

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