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Luma Health announces EHR Forms, freeing staff from administrative tasks

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | October 18, 2021 Health IT
SAN FRANCISCO, October 18, 2021- Luma Health, the leading solution for Total Patient Engagementâ„¢, today announced an addition to its platform, EHR Forms, at HLTH 2021 in Boston. Administrative staff across clinics and health systems are under constant stress today. The number of operational tasks they need to remember and complete when checking in a patient leaves them burned out, distracted, and prone to mistakes. EHR Forms will save administrative staff valuable time while reducing manual work, thus allowing them to focus on what really matters - patient care.

This new launch eliminates the need for administrative staff to manually input paper forms into patients' EMRs. Instead, data input by the patient on their mobile phone flows directly into the healthcare provider's EHR system without any staff intervention. In addition to improving the patient's overall experience over a paper-based system, it makes it easy for clinicians to approve changes in the patient's medical records.

"Luma Health's EHR Forms have really simplified our intake process," said Christine Balestrieri, Administrator at Cokingtin Eye Center. "By automating the manual work for us, Luma Health has saved our practice time and effort when processing a patient's intake information, so we can focus on our patients."

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Administrator Flexibility
By using EHR Forms, administrators can utilize a single tool to create forms for both general intake purposes and specialty situations. Administrators can use EHR Forms to create forms for any situation by incorporating the immunizations, procedures, and diseases from United States Core Data for Interoperability (USCDI) databases. With pre-created forms, EHR Forms can be used by clinics of any size and implemented in minutes.

Patient Experience
By eliminating the need to fill out lengthy paper forms, patients will be able to share information with their clinics, quickly and easily. Pre-built EHR Forms are designed with best practices in mind and can collect patient answers while also allowing for more specific clinical information to be captured.

Luma Health customers have used EHR Forms to streamline a variety of clinical, financial, and operational workflows, including new patient packets, HIPAA consents, financial authorizations, consents for treatment, and medical release forms. The end result is a patient experience that captures better quality data while being faster than other traditional methods.

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