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Built from within: The new paradigm for imaging equipment service

November 30, 2021
Parts And Service
3. Create the policies, procedures, and other operational details necessary for the program’s successful implementation.
4. Determine the skillset and experience of existing team members. Then hire and train as needed to meet the requirements of the plan.
5. Establish relationships between in-house staff and the partner’s support engineers and parts consultants.
6. Identify common parts and supplies needed for routine maintenance of installed systems, as well as those most likely to fail. Create an in-house parts inventory aimed at reducing downtime due to shipping delays or a lack of parts availability.
7. As imaging systems under service contracts reach the OEM’s perceived end of life, integrate them into the existing in-house service program.
8. Continue to grow and refine the program with the ultimate goal of being free from all restrictive OEM and ISO service contracts.

The benefits of a 'built from within' imaging solution
Healthcare organizations, whether large or small, who have implemented this model have found the transition to be relatively painless provided they worked closely with a qualified support, training, and parts provider to help guide them through the process. Very few, if any, facilities can develop and implement an in-house imaging equipment service program alone. In almost all cases, partnering with a well-established, reputable, and AAMI-certified company is vital to success. Equally important is to refrain from establishing relationships with different providers for each aspect of the program. The synergies that are achieved by working with a single source for support, training, and parts far outweigh any cost savings due to utilizing multiple companies.

The vision of a new paradigm in imaging equipment service
Creating an all-encompassing, in-house medical imaging service solution that’s truly “built from within” is not only feasible, but also relatively easy and customizable. It puts healthcare facility decision makers back in control of their imaging service program. In fact, this approach is rapidly becoming the norm for organizations that want to break free from the chains of restrictive OEM and ISO service contracts. It promises to provide improved operational flexibility, increase profitability, minimize system downtime, and most importantly, maximize the quality of patient care. All it takes is a vision and the willingness to embrace a new and improved paradigm.

About the author: Jeremy Probst is president and CEO of Technical Prospects and the son of company founder, Bob Probst. Jeremy has spent over 19 years in the medical imaging and engineering field and holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial technology management, as well as a minor in electrical control systems and fluid.

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