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Greater Good Health launches primary care model centered around nurse practitioners

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | December 03, 2021 Primary Care
MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif., Dec. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Greater Good Health, a VC-backed healthcare startup committed to redefining value-based care, has launched the industry's first primary care model centered around nurse practitioners (NPs). Greater Good Health's NP network will have exclusive access to a digital experience designed to connect and empower NPs with value-based care training, technology tools, clinical resources, and professional connections. Launching initially in California, Greater Good Health aims to expand primary care access to patients across the nation, while building a system that supports the needs of NPs, leading to a greater, healthier existence for the entire ecosystem.

Greater Good Health was conceptualized by long-time healthcare leader and industry veteran Sylvia Hastanan in 2021 during her executive residency at Optum Ventures. Hastanan's vision is to build a medical group, centered around NPs, that provides resources, including the Greater Good Health Institute, digital tools, and a strong network, to enable NPs to advance their careers and serve more patients. Greater Good Health offers a dedicated online platform and mobile app, all designed with NPs in mind. Resources include the ability to connect with the Greater Good Health NP community, grow a professional network, match with a mentor, and access an education portal. The technology will also provide solutions to enhance scheduling, share analytics, and access resources at point of care. Wellness resources will include rich benefits and a culture of mindfulness to support a care model to prevent burnout.

"Our goal is to redefine holistic whole-person primary care, starting with the people healthcare relies on the most—nurse practitioners," said Hastanan. "Nurse practitioners are uniquely positioned to drive success in value-based care, improving equity and access to healthcare. What is missing today is a system that supports their practice. We have created a platform that helps them achieve fulfillment in their careers, advocate for their well-being, and enable them to connect on a personal level and avoid burnout."

In addition to advocating for NPs, Greater Good Health aims to elevate patient care by providing greater access to primary care. During her 20-year career in provider services and population health, Hastanan had a front row seat to the ongoing physician shortage, which was further exacerbated by the pandemic. She saw an opportunity to curb this shortage by enabling more NPs to practice independently, which can significantly increase primary care access.

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