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Carestream mobile imaging systems enhance patient care, improve workflow at midwest hospital

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | December 08, 2021 Mobile Imaging X-Ray
ROCHESTER, N.Y., Dec. 7 — Carestream Health’s mobile diagnostic X-ray systems help Franciscan Health Crawfordsville, a 103-bed hospital in Indiana, provide its community with advanced medical imaging and patient-centric care, while boosting workflow and productivity.

The hospital has three CARESTREAM DRX-Revolution Mobile X-Ray Systems and one retrofitted portable unit that typically function as independent X-ray rooms. One unit is dedicated for imaging patients at their bedside in the emergency room. The other units support surgery along with a wide range of inpatient needs. Franciscan Health Crawfordsville conducts 40 to 70 X-rays a day, and half are performed in the emergency room with the DRX-Revolution.

“The DRX-Revolution is so fast and easy,” said Cheryl Cody, Imaging Manager at Franciscan Health Crawfordsville. “We’re able to go to the emergency room and conduct exams quickly, which is essential because we're busier than ever. This technology helps us get patients in and out, and our turnaround time is fast.”

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“The mobile system is network driven, so after we scan our paperwork, it displays the correct patient with the correct medical record number and connects to the PACS seamlessly,” Ms. Cody said. “Everybody loves it, it's very easy to use.”

As the industry’s first mobile X-ray unit with a collapsible column, the DRX-Revolution Mobile X-ray (see video link) delivers high-quality diagnostic images in tight spaces. The system helps limit the spread of infection by providing critical imaging services whenever and wherever needed, especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has additional features that help reduce contamination, including flush-mounted displays that provide a smooth surface for better disinfecting and wristband barcode scanners for easier workflow and limited equipment interaction.

Like other Carestream digital radiography (DR) systems, the DRX-Revolution includes the ImageView Software platform that optimizes workflow with advanced features for exceptional diagnostic image quality. For instance, the Tube and Line Visualization option delivers a companion image with enhanced processing for clearer, easier visualization of PICC lines and tubes to help with accurate placement. At Franciscan Health Crawfordsville, this feature aids healthcare providers as they insert lines in a patient. “If we’re putting a line in and need to ensure correct placement, we simply push a button that changes the contrast on the image to instantly see if adjustments are needed,” Ms. Cody said.

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