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Del Medical releases new X-ray system

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | January 17, 2022
Del Medical's OTC18S
Del Medical has added a new addition to its premium 18 Series radiographic systems, the OTC18S.

The X-ray solution is equipped with enhanced tracking functionality and fully motorized multi-image stitching capabilities, as well as automated system positioning during stitching that can improve the quality of long-length exams. It has a ceiling-mounted tube crane with vertical tracking and manual positioning, and comes with multiple X-ray tube and generator power options.

Using its 10.4 tube-mounted touchscreen interface, the technologist can identify the top and bottom of the anatomy that needs to be imaged, while staying at the patient’s side. The system automatically calculates the correct number of images, vertical collimation, and minimum overlaps tube position, and then positions the system and image acquisition to automatically perform long-length studies with just the single hold of the exposure button.

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“The OTC18S is suitable for hospital radiology departments, orthopedic imaging centers, and imaging centers that perform long-length imaging (especially full spines, scoliosis, and leg length studies) and also want a workhorse room for all radiographic exams,” Mandy Gutierrez, product marketing manager of Del Medical, told HCB News.

The solution comes with motorized tube angle rotation, a motorized table receptor cabinet for tracking central beam positioning and a motorized wall stand receptor cabinet to track the vertical position of the central beam. This allows for auto-tracking to take place without a tube angle, so long as the tube is positioned in a range of the detector, resulting in upright or supine long-length exams that can be conducted automatically.

A Universal Positioning and Alignment stand can be used to separate patients and the vertical wall stand receptor, and reduce patient movement while imaging is underway. An additional optional radiopaque ruler can verify stitching accuracy.

Gutierrez says the OTC18S is an update from the company’s OTC18T system, which can only vertically track the overhead tube crane and was manually positioned without auto-tracking. The solution is also more cost-effective than other fully automated rooms and is designed to automate long-length exams for faster procedures and to make patients feel more at ease.

“Workflow improvements include table and wall stand receptor tracking, reducing overall exam time, technologist fatigue, and alignment errors,” he said. “Automated and motorized stitching of the OTC18S eliminates the need for manual repositioning of the tube and detector during multiple image acquisition long-length imaging exams, reducing the potential for patient motion and repeats.”

Back in May 2020, Del Medical secured a potential 10-year, $100 million contract with the Defense Logistics Agency to supply radiographic systems, accessories and training to both U.S. military and federal civilians. The company beat out 50 competitors for the deal.

Prior to this, it released its DELWORKS 3.0 software in July 2019. The solution integrates control of its radiographic equipment and E-Series wireless or fixed flat panel detectors on a single console.

Among its features are a new PICC tool for improved visualization of leads, lines and tubes; a DI (Deviation Index) calculation and display to help minimize exposure; easy detector sharing; image stitching for long-length studies; a Windows 10 OS; and cybersecurity with anti-virus/malware exclusions and data encryption.

The OTC18S is available for sale and immediate shipping in the U.S.

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