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Are you ready for the 2022 AAMI eXchange?

by Gus Iversen, Editor in Chief | May 23, 2022
HTM Parts And Service
From the May 2022 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

As for standards, that’s really at the root of AAMI’s mission — guiding the development, management, and use of safe and effective health technology. Many of our volunteer standards developers (amazingly passionate experts, all) have their eyes on new technologies. There’s a lot going on, but I’ll give two examples. A first-of-its-kind technical information report (TIR) on cloud computing for medical devices is currently in the works. Another new TIR is being completed as a joint project with the British Standards Institution to address considerations for the risk management of machine learning and artificial intelligence in medical devices. It’s incredibly exciting to glean these first best practices from the cutting edge of medical device technology!

And that also brings up cybersecurity. There’s a clear consensus that how we use and protect data are key for the proper use of evolving healthcare technologies. That’s something that we are capitalizing on, educating professionals and standardizing best practices for anywhere medical devices and other healthcare technologies are developed, utilized, or maintained.

HCB News: How are things going with the AAMI BMET Apprenticeship program?
PA: There’s a need for new HTM talent in the U.S. We estimate that more than half of the professionals currently working in the HTM field are of retirement age and AAMI’s Technology Management Council recently determined that 19 U.S. states don’t have a single HTM academic program. Where are we going to find fresh talent as the number and importance of these roles increases? AAMI’s new national BMET Apprenticeship Program is helping to address this problem, having acquired well over a dozen new employer partners since its 2021 launch. However, that’s only a first step toward giving the whole of the U.S. the apprenticeship opportunities the industry needs. More employer partners are needed.

Then there’s the Right to Repair. AAMI is a neutral convener. We support further conversation and collaboration on Right to Repair for the sake of patient safety. Even between differing parties, there are a lot of brilliant ideas all aimed at the same goals. If they work together, you know there is going to be a better result.

And for other important topics like cybersecurity, it’s more like “motherhood and apple pie” in the sense that everyone is on board. The industry knows it’s something that everyone needs to do better in and inaccurate information can drive professionals to confidently go forward in the wrong direction. With cybersecurity, it’s all about sharing the right information between stakeholders. We’re on it!

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