The evolution of service agreements: From break/fix to business intelligence

May 30, 2022
Parts And Service
From the May 2022 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

To support the evolution of technology and required services, the structure of agreements and execution of service must consider:
• Attracting a new generation to the healthcare technology management field, recasting HTM from techs who fix broken machines to specialists who play a vital role in furthering healthcare digital transformation
• Creating new services that provide information required to drive hospital efficiencies and patient outcomes, and go beyond the “wrench turning” on the device
• Repositioning service agreements from a “fix what is broken” mentality to an ongoing partnership among the service provider and hospital or delivery network for continuous improvement and enhanced care delivery

Safe, reliable and available medical devices always will be critical to patient care. As technologies advance to deliver not only diagnostics/therapy but also insights that hospitals can aggregate and analyze for broader clinical and business decision-making, their support and service structure must advance as well. As an OEM, we continue collaborating with hospitals and delivery networks to create service agreements that support high-quality, cost-effective care delivery.

About the author: John Sloss is the senior vice president of medical and safety services at Draeger.

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