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AAMI Product Showcase

May 15, 2022
From the May 2022 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine
Richardson Healthcare
The ALTA750® is a form, fit and function replacement for the Toshiba/Canon Medical Systems CXB-750D/4A CT tube. It is certified on OEM platforms, including the Aquilion 4- through 64-slice and the PRIME (Gen. 1). The ALTA750 is CE approved and stocked in 6 locations around the world and ready to ship today!

InVIEW Software
VIZZIA – Booth 1530
InVIEW RTLS Software provides reliable, secure and highperformance data that helps hospitals reduce costs, streamline processes and improve patient care. With intuitive design, powerful built-in maps, and lightningfast performance, InVIEW is the engine that powers our RTLS solutions — from real-time asset management to environmental monitoring critical to keeping hospital systems focused on their main objective – patient care. The reliable and easy to use InVIEW platform is built from more than 15 years of in-field experience.

Digiflow 2000
Netech Corporation
Netech Corporation has launched a new line of improved gas flow meters. The Digiflow 2000 is an unparalleled device providing its users with remarkable value. This microcontroller-based, mass-flow meter has been thoughtfully designed for precision measurements of multiple gases including Air, N2, O2, CO2, N2O and Arg. It measures true gas flow that is independent of temperature and pressure changes. The Digiflow 2000 is now available in five different flow ranges: 1 LPM, 5 LPM, 10 LPM, 15 LPM and 20 LPM. Learn more at netechbiomedical.com

Environmental Monitoring
VIZZIA – Booth 1530
Protect products and patients with easy, accurate environmental monitoring. For sensitive products like vaccines and lab samples, environment matters. An unnoticed change can result in money lost and patients put at risk. Vizzia Environmental Monitoring solution is fully compliant with key federal guidelines from the U.S. FDA & NIST. Vizzia is the only healthcare RTLS provider to offer a fully-managed service that provides live 24/7 customer service that proactively contacts clinicians to ensure alert resolution.

InfoView Asset Management: Philips
Philips - Booth 525
With Philips InfoView, you can manage the lifecycle of all your clinical assets through Standardized data, guided service work orders, and automated reporting. Supporting clinical asset management for thousands of devices, new features highlighted at AAMI 2022 include integration to recall services, parts procurement integration with leading parts suppliers, capital planning with depreciated value data, and dozens of enhancements for even greater efficiency to support inventory auditing, PM tracking and compliance, equipment distribution and built in IT data to help you assess and govern Cybersecurity risks. Our scalable, cloud based Solution helps you manage data driven insights with easy, efficiency and savings.

Continuing Education Program: Philips
Philips - Booth 525
The demands of today’s healthcare environment are changing daily, along with the need to control costs, streamline workflow, enhance staff satisfaction and improve patient care. To help you meet these challenges, Philips, in collaboration with the American Society of Radiologic Technology (ASRT), Medical Imaging Consultants Courses and Pryor Professional Learning, offer several on-demand continuing education options to keep your staff’s skills sharp.

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