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Zsquare receives FDA clearance to market for first high-performance single-use ENT endoscope

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | July 06, 2022 Endoscopy
TEL AVIV, Israel, July 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Zsquare, a leading developer of high-performance, single-use endoscopes, announces that it received Food and Drug Administration 510K clearance to market its first product, the Zsquare ENT-Flex™ Rhinolaryngoscope. Zsquare plans a pilot launch in leading United States hospitals and physician practice offices by Q4 2022.

The Zsquare ENT-Flex™ Rhinolaryngoscope is indicated for use in diagnostic ENT procedures by way of the nose and throat and is the only scalable platform capable of transmitting high-resolution images in flexible, single-use endoscopes. Zsquare ENT-Flex™ is the first single-use endoscope using a hybrid design in which its all-optical disposable shell fully covers a reusable imaging core. The enhanced design provides health professionals with high resolution imaging at the lowest cost-per-use in single-use endoscopy, through the smallest diameter endoscope shaft. This unique engineering has several benefits, including improved patient comfort, enhanced diagnostic quality and significant savings for providers and payers. The size and image quality of this first-to-market Zsquare product offer greater accessibility in endoscopic procedures.

"As the world continues to confront cross contamination risks, Zsquare has collaborated closely with clinicians and regulatory authorities to pioneer innovative technologies with groundbreaking patient-care capabilities to advance the endoscopy industry's shift to single-use devices." Said Asaf Shahmoon, CEO and Co-Founder of Zsquare. "This is a significant milestone and delivers on our pledge to transform the endoscopy market, setting a new standard for single-use endoscopes," he added.

United Imaging: New 80-slice CT in 2 weeks w/Software Upgrades for Life

For those who need to move fast and expand clinical capabilities -- and would love new equipment -- the uCT 550 Advance offers a new fully configured 80-slice CT in up to 2 weeks with routine maintenance and parts and Software Upgrades for Life™ included.

The company's patented polymeric imaging fiber is a breakthrough in the world of miniaturizing visual fiber-optics. Its flexible, ultra-thin properties enable smaller than ever endoscopes that can access formerly unreachable anatomical sites without compromising image quality. The hybrid endoscope design enables rapid cross-industry scalability by allowing the same imaging core to be used with different indication-specific disposable shells that are purpose-made for ENT, urology, bronchoscopy, GI, gynecology and more.

"We are very excited for this major achievement.", Said Eyal Agmoni, Chairman of Chartered Group, Zsquare's leading investor. "As we continue to support Zsquare's rapid growth, this milestone enables it to ramp up activity and establish mass manufacturing capabilities to achieve the production of millions of units per year, on its way to take over the single-use endoscopy market."

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